A garden scale can be a lifesaver when calculating the right ingredients or weighing your haul. Maybe you are a herbalist or a gardener who makes up their own compounds for growing. Possibly you sell your herbs or garden produce and what to know how much you products weight. Every household needs a scale like this garden scale, but do not let it foul you it can be using it for so much more.

ZK420 garden scale

The Zk420 garden scale can give you a precise reading from 0.5g/0.01oz for the lightest herbs and greens like lettuce, chard, kale and so on. It Also, give you a max weight of 6000g/13.22 lbs which allows you to weigh vegetables, but it can also weigh meat and dry ingredients. It also has a tare button which means you can put your container on the scale and take away the weight of the container.


A great feature is the 2 minute auto shut off. That way if you are weighing and get busy you will not run down the batteries. The scale uses 3 AAA batteries, but no tools are required to change the batteries. I also like that the function buttons are large and make a audible click sound so I get a quick confirmation that I am using the right functions. Also, the scale is easy to clean with a quick wipe and its ready to store away.

Even though this scale is called a garden scale it can be used for a lot of other applications. I use a scale for baking because I find that a kitchen scale insures that my bake goods turn out perfect every-time. Others may weigh products for a bake sale, or food for a diet, packages and so many other things. This compact garden scale comes in a variety of color choices too.



Overall, I find this garden scale to be very useful all around my home. From weighing my garden produce, food portions and baking ingredients I can be assured that I have a accurate weight.  The scale is very compact and takes up little space at all. Its lightweight so I can take it where I need it without any issues. Also, the digital screen is easy to read without needing a magnifying glass if you have trouble seeing small print.

I tested this garden scale by weighing herbs, vegetables and even a hamburger. Everything weighed the same as it was in the store packing. The scale was very accurate. Also, it is easy to use the tare button so you do not have to subtract the weight of the plate, bowl or other measuring container you choose to use. The buttons are big enough too that you do not have to worry about pushing the wrong one. I also like that it is available is a variety of colors. I would recommend this garden scale to anyone who is interested in gardening, food portion control, shipping packages or anything that requires weighting a item.


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