YoYo Moon Toilet Brush Set Bronze Toilet Brush

A toilet brush holder can become part of a design element in your bathroom instead of just a necessary cleaning too. Why look at a plain old plastic holder with a brush sticking out when you can have a beautiful stylish container like the one offered by YoYo Moon. The YoYo Moon Toilet Brush Set Bronze Toilet Brush for Tall Toilet Bowl is a stylish decorative piece that you will want to display instead of hiding from your guests.

This self-contained toilet brush is stored in a tall bronze metal tube. Inside of the metal tube is a plastic cup for easy cleaning and it keeps the metal from rusting. The brush is made to resist mold and bacteria growth. The brush and its handle is screwed through the lid which keeps the water from splashing on your hands when cleaning the toilet. The brush is completely sealed in the toilet brush holder so no smells or germs will be floating around the bathroom.

The bronze container is quite sturdy and has a slight texture to its surface. With the containers textured surface fingerprints and smudges are not a problem. The outside of the container is easy to clean with a quick wipe. The metal is a nice thickness and feels like it can take a little bit of punishment before it would dent. The description states the metal is rust proof, but this something I cannot attest too since I have only owned it for a few days.

Overall, I found the YoYo Moon Toilet Brush Set Bronze Toilet Brush to be a sturdy well-made holder and brush. The deep bronze color is perfect for any d├ęcor and adds that little something extra to the bathroom. I like that the brush is contained in the metal tube so I do not feel like I need to move it if guest are coming by. I like that there is a plastic cup that I can remove and clean to keep the holder smelling clean as well as to stop any germs that might be hanging around. Since the brush is connected to the handle I can clean my toilet without worrying about splashing the water all over me which has always grossed me out. I am unsure if you can buy replacement brushes which would make this a perfect toilet brush. I have to say I am completely happy with the design and decorative look it brings to my bathroom. Now, all of my other bathrooms need to be updated with new brushes because I can notice how nasty they look compare to the bronze toilet brush set. I would recommend the YoYo Moon Toilet Brush Set Bronze Toilet Brush.

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I received this as a complementary sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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