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YouCopia Crazy Susan Just Made Organizing Easier

Organizing has become even more important as we downsize our homes. Downsizing is not just for the older population, but its becoming even more popular with large portion of the families today. When we live in small spaces we need to utilize every inch of space we have. YouCopia Crazy Susan Just Made Organizing Easier and it only takes a few seconds of time.

The YouCopia crazy Susan has a 360 degree range of rotation. Stainless steel bearings are used to insure the smooth movement as the turntable moves. The turntable is 11 inches in diameter and 4 ½ inches deep. The top of the base has a non skid top. Along the back is a back stop that can be lifted and locked. The back stop keeps bottles or other stored products from falling over. On the bottom of the turntable is non skip feet. This turntable is made of white ABS plastic which makes it easy to clean with a quick wipe and a damp cloth. The YouCopia crazy Susan is white with beige handle and base.

One way the YouCopia crazy Susan just made organizing easier was by it making fit inside any standard size cabinet. When measuring I could be two inside most of my cabinets. I also like the idea of using it on the table with condiments. It would great for any party or picnic. It would be great when decorating cookies or cupcakes with the kids. This turntable is useful to  crafters too. Really and you will find so many more uses for it that you might just want to buy more than a few.
The turntable requires no installation or mounting. The YouCopia crazy Susan just made organizing easier right out of the box. There is no assembly at all. Just lift the handle until it locks in place. Place the backstop towards the back of your cabinet then place your items on the crazy Susan. The non slip feet will keep it in place. It really cannot be any simpler than that.




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