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Voice Activated Recorder

Have you ever been sitting at the doctor, school  lecture or a important meeting and wish you could hear the the conversation again? I know I have and its to hard sometimes to get everything down if I am taking notes. The voice activated recorder by TOOBOM gives me the flexibility to record when I need too.

The voice activated recorder is small enough to fit in any pocket, backpack, handbag and briefcase. Its lightweight at only 1.18 ounces and 4″ x 1/2″ x 1.18″. Also, there is 8 GB of storage available. However, one great feature this recorder has is it can support a MicroSD card. Which gives you all the additional storage you may need. Another great thing is it charges in 2 hours with its Lion battery. A fully charged battery will last about 10-12 hours when recording.

Another great feature is the highly sensitive microphone that provides you with a clear voice recording.  Also, no more missing important information whether its a lecture, meeting or doctors appointment. This recorder uses a DSP processor which gives that flawless sound recording. Also, this recorder can be used as a MP3 for recording or playing.

This voice activated recorder also provides you with a password protection feature that insures that someone cannot pick up the recorder and listen to your recordings. Also, this recorder will keep your recording safe even if you forget to save your recording. No, issues with recording being lost. To set your own password just press and hold down the M (Menu) button, then enter menu setting and find set. When you find set you can pick your own 6 digit password.

When using this recorder it is simple just turn on the recorder and press “REC”. To listen to your recordings you will press “Play” and to find specific recordings use the A-B repeat to select what you want to listen too.


Overall, I found the voice activated recorder easy to use. Also, the recordings were clear and easy to hear. There was no pauses or disruptions when playing back the recordings. I like that it is small enough to put in my pocket or any carrying device I am using. Also, a two hour charging time is great and the 10-12 hour recording time would meet most individuals recording needs.

Another useful feature is having the ability to use additional storage with the support of the MicroSD card. This will allow a student to keep lectures on the cards for studying for test and end term finials. The MicroSD card can be used to store recordings. You will need to press M (Menu), then find recording setting, save position and select TF. Then press M(Menu) to confirm this is what you want to select. Press Rec and your recordings will be saved to your MicroSD card. (TF card)

One thing I really like was the ability to stop, rewind and fast forward. This allowed me to take notes or stop and look something up without having to listen to the whole conversation again and again to find keywords.  To playback a recording you will use the backward/forward feature. Just press and hold the FF to fast forward. Then to rewind just press and hold the REW.

Always ask before recording anyone to protect their privacy.

Voice Activate Recorder Product Feature:
  • Uses MicroUSB connector
  • MP3 Player Function
  • Voice Activation/noise cancellation
  • Lightweight
  • Quick charge
  • Free Ebook download


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