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Ultra 42″ Wind Tower Fan

Thinking ahead to when my family gathers for the holidays I know the rooms get stuffy. Having a fan like the Ultra 42″ Wind Tower Fan by Ozeri I can eliminate those stuffy room conditions. The one thing I do not like about most fans is how noisy they can be. The other thing that I do not like is the space that some of these fans take up. In our household we use fans in almost every room, which is why we want high air flow, whisper quiet and space saving fans.  Compact enough to stay out of our guests way and quiet enough we can talk with out shouting.
 The Ozeri Ultra 42″ Wind Tower Fan is the type of fan I was looking for.  This particular fan comes with a lot of the features that one would expect in a high dollar fan. Though, this fan price is very affordable. Also, with the easy to follow manual, tower fan, 2 plastic base halves, wing nut and an extension column I can put it together myself. Another nice feature is you can connect the base to have the 42″ fan or leave off the extension column and have a 32″ fan.
Then to reveal the operating buttons its just a flip of the lid. Located on the front of the fan is a large LCD screen that will display the room temperature, the air speed and optional modes. A  remote control is available to operate the fan. The 42” wind fan can be adjusted down to 32” or set up to be 32” at set up. There is a removable extension column that is used for the fans adjustments. The extension columns come in two pieces and snap together.
This wind tower fan has 3 airflow patterns, fan speeds and can be program with its 12 hour timer. You have the option to use the remote control or use the operating buttons on the top of the fan. The fan works by simply plugging the fans plug into a wall plug. The LED screen is not overly bright to begin with in my opinion, but for those who are sensitive to any light at night the LED can be dimmed further. The 12 hour timer allows the fan to be programmed in 1 hour intervals.
Overall, I can say the Ultra 42 ” Wind tower fan works seamlessly. After assembling the fan which took less than 10 minutes from start to finish the fan was up and running. Then first thing I that caught my eye was the room temperature display on the front of the fan. I could see the LED screen from all areas of my family room which is 23’ by 26’. The remote works throughout the same area which in my opinion is great since I will not have to worry about where I locate my fan. Even in a room this size I am getting good air flow.
What is surprising is for the amount of air the tower fan produces and its still extremely quiet. Therefore, turning up the television volume when the fan is running is no longer something we need to do.  Also, there is no need to worry about waking up to the whistling of a fan. The remote is easy to use and I find it very responsive. Also, I like that I can operate the fan manually without any issues.
The lid lifts quickly and all of the controls are easy to see. A quick press of a button and the fan is operating on whatever mode or fan speed I choose. On the LED screen there are symbols that represent the different modes. The 3 different breeze modes are sleep, nature and normal. Each has their own distinctive wind pattern. There are three fan speeds are high, medium and low.
The high wind speed puts out a high volume flow which for a wind tower fan was impressive. If you need the fan can oscillate up to 90 degrees or you can leave it stationary. The fan allows the user to set the fan to turnoff at 1 hour increments which is nice when using in a bedroom. The fan is a stylish modern looking fan with its silver body and black accents and LED screen. The appearance of the fan will fit any decor.
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