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Uber UB-CH1-Auto 12V Travel Fridge

Traveling can be fun, but it can also be expensive from the gas to the food stops. Since we have no control over the cost of gas we can control the rest of our spending. The easies way to cut down those extra expenses is to bring along a portable fridge like the Uber UB-CH1-Auto 12V Travel fridge. You can bring your own beverages and food saving not only money, but time traveling with less stopping.

The Uber UB-CH1-Auto 12V travel fridge offers a chilling and warming option which is far better than a ice chest that will need refilling of ice. With the travel fridge you do not have to worry about melted ice making your food soggy or having to dump the water out of the chest. This handy fridge only requires you to plug it in to a standard cigarette plug and you are ready to go.

The cooling effect of the fridge is 32 degrees F below the vehicles ambient temperature. When adding beverages and food to the fridge it is best to pre-chill or add cold items. You can add warm items, but they will take a long time to raise in temperatures. Since this fridge only requires to be plugged in and a flip of the switch it is easy to use.

The warming effects of the fridge allows the contents to be stay at 150 degrees F. It does take a few minutes to switch from cold to warm. However, it can be done after allowing the fridge to rest for 15 minutes in between. This function is great and allows you to bring food along that is ready to eat. A great function for keeping water warm to make up a baby’s bottle while traveling.

This compact fridge is lightweight and comes with a carrying strap. The Uber UB-CH1-Auto 12V travel fridge weighs around 4 lbs. and it is 8″x12″x11″.  The It is portable enough to take when traveling by vehicle or RV and boating. Really it can go anywhere you want it to if you have access to a standard cigarette plug.

The Uber travel fridge will hold 9 cans, or 6 water bottles, or 6 cans and 2 water bottles as you can see the fridge has a number of possibilities. It will hold a bottle of ketchup, mustard, cheese, lunchmeat or hot dogs easily. When packing sandwiches I was able to stack 4 sandwiches on top of the 6 cans of pop/soda.

When testing the Uber UB-CH1-Auto 12V travel fridge I began with cold beverages 2 bottles, 1 can, 2 baby bottles and 4 cheese sticks. We traveled 4 hours round trip and the items left in the cooler were still cold. We did not pre-chill the fridge we only plugged it in and put the items inside. I also tested the fridge by placing room temp beverages in the unit and tested the beverages at varying times. It took around 1 1/2 hours to feel cold enough that the beverages were refreshing when placing them in at room temperature.

The warming option was the next tested function. I placed warmed sandwiches in the fridge wrapped in foil. The sandwiches were warm 4 hours later.  Which was the time I believe most people would be consuming food from the fridge while traveling.

While the Uber UB-CH1-Auto 12V travel fridge was running we heard only a sight humming from the fan. With the radio and air conditioner on you can not hear the fridge at all. The  2 cup holders on the top of the fridge it makes it nice when stopping to eat. The function switches are on the front of the fridge which makes it convenient to use. The fan is also on the front of the fridge which makes it easier to keep the fan clear of obstruction.

This is a must have for anyone who travels, has kids or is looking for ways to save money.


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