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A Trail Cam allows you to enjoy the wildlife while offering security


Living in the country has it fine points, but it does not mean we are exempt from problems. Having a trail cam in our yard is important not only to look out for our pet’s safety, but for our own safety as well. With a trail camera in the yard it gives a sense of security when we are home or away. The SEREE H01A infrared digital hunting trail cam is just the type of trail cam I look for in a well-made trail camera. Plus the trail cam allows us to enjoy the wildlife that comes out even at night that we do not always get to see.


When the trail cam arrived I was able to compare it to our name brand trail cam’s and right out of the box it was hitting its mark. The trail cam has a green, brown, and black camouflage pattern all over the whole housing. It is about 5 ¾ inches long, 2 ½ inches deep and 3 ¼ inches wide. The trail cam has a 2 inch LCD display screen with a flip up cover. On the front of the trail cam is the infrared flash and sensor eye. The sensor has a 120 degree viewing angle.


The trail camera is waterproof so there is no need to have it covered or to obscure the sensor or lens at all. The battery compartment is located at the bottom of the cam and is closes with a secure clamp. The battery compartment has a rubber seal around it to keep out water and moisture when locked. There is also a threaded mount to allow for mounting the trail cam to a tripod or other screw acceptable device. The trail cam comes with a mounting strap also so how it is mounted is up to the user.


The camera is a 12 Megapixel cam which gives some nice quality pictures. The trail cam pictures are taken in color during the day. After dark the pictures will be black and white. Located in the battery compart is the on/off/test switch. The cam also comes with a remote control which is really nice so that I can set the trail cam to a non-sensing mode. No more pictures of every squirrel and bird that goes by. Though, the remote is also used for programing the cam. The camera also allows me to take video to if I choose.


The trail cam takes 8 AA batteries, but can also use 6V DC input which is located at the top of the cam under a rubber seal. The housing of the trail cam is made of a hard plastic. The eye as well as the infrared flash and LCD screen are made of a clear plastic. The LCD screen has a film on it that needs to be peeled off, but I left it on until I had the camera installed.


Overall, I found this trail cam to comparable to the more expensive name brand ones I own. The pictures has a nice quality even when they are taken at night. The trail cam can detect movement up to 65 ft. away. Though I am finding the further out the subject is the grainer the picture. The picture is still clear enough to view.  Though, it would not be printable to share since the quality would be poor. I also like that this trail cam has the LCD display screen so I can look at the pictures without removing the SD card or taking it down. Though, the drawback to using the LCD screen is the battery life is reduced.


I also like that I can hook up the trail cam to my computer or television for viewing larger pictures. The trail camera comes with the audio cables, USB cable, a strap and spacer. The spacer keeps the trail cam from swinging against the tree truck on a windy or stormy day. The trail cam will support a 32 GB SD card. I like that if I have the trail cam on a screw mouth source I do not have to unscrew it to get to the SD card. Or to switch with a new card. Because the clamp can be accessed and it tips over for easy access.


The few things that could improve this trail cam is a better written instructions. The instructions are lacking to say the least. Also, it would be nice if the camera came with a SD card. The night vision can detect movement up to 65 ft.  Evan at that distance the picture is still decent. The night vision gives a slightly grainy picture, but all of my name brand cameras produce the same quality pictures. All of the pictures are black and white which may be why they appear grainer at night. This unit comes with a power saving feature.  Though, I have not had the trail cam long enough to be able to say with all honesty if this feature works or not.


I will say I do like that this trail cam has 3 different modes to choose from. What I really like is that I can have the cam set up to take just pictures or only videos. I can also take pictures and videos at the same time.  My husband and I are completely happy with this trail cam.  We have already recommended the trail cam to family and friends.


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