Tower Fan with Bluetooth

Have you ever had a product that you thought was just perfect and then thought how could they ever make it better? That is how I feel about the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44″), but to my surprise they made it even better. How did they make it better?  They took the fan to next level by adding Bluetooth technology. Now this tower fan works with Bluetooth app which is a bonus. 

This tower fan has 3 independently controllable fans. Also, these fans offer 3 fan speeds and 9 air flow speeds. It offers 90 degrees oscillation and programmable timer. Then you can also choose from 3 reprogrammed patterns of air flow. A long range remote control is also included. Or the user can use the LED control panel that is along the top of the fan.

Bluetooth technology is not the only improvements that were made on this tower fan. The fan blades are now made in a curvature shape to reduce noise and to give a soothing sound. This modern sleek tower fan has a 3 inch thick circular glass stand. Also, the fan has a sleek vertical profile design. Another great thing is the assembly is quick, easy and requires no tools.

The Bluetooth technology uses a downloadable free app for both IOS and Android devices. You can use this app on your smart phone or tablets. The app can be downloaded on more than one device, though only one device can operate the tower fan at one time. Also, the Bluetooth feature works within a 25 feet range. Another nice feature is the ability to set the time in 30 minute increments over a 7.5 hour span. The timer is easy to use and can be turned off at anytime if you change your mind.

Overall, this fan works great and with the new improvements it is now amazing. Having the 3 circular fans ensures that the air can be felt from head to toe. Also, with the 3 fans you can feel the air flow is better dispersed too. All of the function buttons light up showing a icon or numbers so I can see what I am getting without guessing. Then at the bottom of the column there is a LED light that gives a nice look.

The remote is very responsive and the LED panel buttons are easy to use. But having the Bluetooth technology is great for those of us who lose remotes or just forgot to grab it before sitting down. Many of us have very little time to relax and sometimes the thought of having to get up after finally getting in a comfortable position is not desirable. The Bluetooth app works very well from my iPhone and tablet.

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