Toddler Travel Lap Tray

Traveling with a toddler even if its to the grocery store a child can become bored or need to be distracted. The toddler travel lap tray is just the helpful item any parent or grandparent needs to keep everyone happy. With the help of this lap tray you will not only keep your children happy, but you will find car travel is not longer something to dread. Less stress means a safer trip and allows you to give your attention to the road.

The toddler travel lap tray is not just for cars. This tray can be used anywhere a child will be setting down and needs to stay busy. A long bus ride, train or airplane with a lap tray your child will be easy to entertain for hours. The lap tray is great for coloring, drawing, playing games, or reading. Also, give your child snacks, meals or drinks without spending extra time for cleaning up spills.

The tray material is a waterproof material that allows for a quick clean up. Also, the sides are high and ridged enough that the mess stays on the tray. On the under side of the tray is a zipper compartment that can hold extra paper, coloring books or other similar items.  Another great thing is there is nothing to worry about when it comes to damage from spills. The zipper compartment is great to keep everything neatly stored close by. Also, you will find 2 mesh pockets that snap on to the trap sides for holding crayons, remotes, small toys, handheld games and so on.

Just think if you are heading out to the park you can use the tray for a break or to serve a snack or lunch. Which means less time looking for a suitable seat for you child. You can just hook it to the stroller and continue on with your day of fun. This toddler travel lap tray hooks on with long adjustable straps which keeps the tray from moving around. The sides are 1.57 inches so even small toys, crayons, snacks, tablets and so on. The higher sides also means items will stay on the tray even during movement.

Overall, I found this toddler travel lap tray to be quite useful. When traveling with a small child anything to keep them busy makes any time out more enjoyable. Also, having the security of knowing if you give them food and beverages will stay put. Knowing you are not going to be cleaning up spilled messes all day. The under tray storage is also nice so you can keep books, coloring books and paper on hand for those impromptu trips.

Also, since the tray is waterproof it is easy to clean and dries quickly and is ready to store away.  I like that that long adjustable straps allow the user to treat the tray like a backpack. Even the child can carry easily when walking around. The tray does stay in place and can be used with a forward or backward facing car seat.

The color of the toddler travel tray is gray with red sides. The tray comes with a foam insert that is placed inside the first zipper compartment. By adding the insert the tray becomes more stable and give a good writing surface.  Make sure to line up the cup hole and then close the zipper.

All in all I do like this travel tray. The only thing I would like to see is maybe some more colors. The grey and red is gender neutral, but maybe some bright colors on the flat surface of the tray. This is just my opinion and has nothing to do with the tray’s functionality just a personal preference. I would recommend this toddler travel tray to anyone who travels with a child.

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