Thermomax Stackable Lunchbox

Saving money today is a top propriety for many individuals and families. Taking a lunch to work or even when traveling can save a lot of money and time. Ozeri’s Thermomax stackable lunchbox is just the container that can keeping you wanting to take your lunch or dinner with you.

The Ozeri Thermomax stackable lunchbox comes in three colors red, green and blue. There are some white accents on the lunchbox such as the handles, locks and interior lids and container. The lunchbox is BPA free as well as stain resistant. Cleans up well in the dishwasher. Freezer safe too.

The stackable lunchbox has two lift handles leaving them flat against the container when not carrying. The handles are connected to the thermal lid that keep the temperature stable. Next comes the inner lid comes with a valve seal to let out seal and to seal the contents tightly inside. On both sides of the lunchbox you will find locks that connect to the thermal lid. Finally, the base double walled food container.

The Ozeri Thermomax stackable lunchbox is 3 3/8 inches from top to bottom and is 6 ¾ inches wide. The interior food container is 2 inches deep. This lunchbox holds about ¾ quart of food. The container is microwave safe, but only without the thermal lid and for no longer than 3 minutes.

The inner lid has a silicone gasket that keep the foods from leaking out. The uniform construction makes the lunchbox shatter and leak proof also. Hot or cold food can safely be carried in this handy lunchbox. If this lunchbox is not large enough for you or you want to use it for family picnics or parties you can purchase more than one to stack. Completely stackable without losing the thermal feature.

For testing purposes I starting by filling the food container with ice cubes. Then observing at both 4 and 6 hours I found minimal melting of the ice. I then place hot water from the tap and 4 and 6 hours later it was still hot.  After testing I found the product to keep my food cold and warm.

I am completely happy with the Ozeri Thermomax stackable lunchbox and would recommend as a must have product.

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