Thermal Blackout Curtains

Summer is here and many of us have to get up early in the morning, but falling a sleep is so hard when its still light out. Or there are those who work all night and need to sleep during the day and never get a good sleep when its sunny out. What I needed was Blackout curtains and Moonen had just the type of curtain I was looking for.

True blackout curtains with the extra bonus of thermal insulation was exactly what arrived. These curtains are nice and thick which blocks out up to 99% of the sunlight. Also, with the insulation coating you will not lose heat or cool air seeping out the window. Thermal insulated curtains also keep the heat and cold from entering the home.

These blackout curtains are sold with 2 panels in each package. They are sold in a three different colors and lengths. The colors include Charcoal Black, Dark Navy Blue and Light Grey. Also, these curtains come in a 52 inch width and in 63, 84, 95 and 108 inch lengths. Along the top of the curtains you will find 8 stainless steel grommets tucked into a 3 inch header. Also, there is no need for special curtain rods these curtains will slide on any curtain rod.

Heavy duty curtains that are soft to the touch and hang smoothly. These curtains are made of 100% Polyester fabric that is fade-resistant, soundproof, hyper allergic and wrinkle free. Also, these blackout curtains are machine washable, but they need to air dry. If the curtains need ironing only use a low temperature iron.

Overall, I found these curtains to be made well. All the seams are neat and straight. I found no lose threads or any imperfections. The curtains lay straight when placed on the curtain rod. The navy color is a rich blue color and can be used as an accent color or blend in with any decor. Navy is the color I ordered.

The blackout feature works extremely well. The sunlight from the west side of the house was completely blocked out even at the brightest time of the day. The room did feel cooler and it was over 80 degrees outside in a second story room. After a few weeks I have noticed no fading from the sun. I did wash the curtains before hanging them and I noticed no coloring transferring, shrinking, or odors before or after washing. I am very happy with these blackout curtains and will be buying more in the future.


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