the Night Lighting Lamp by SySrion

What could be more special than a Night Light Lamp that shows Cosmos Star Sky images all over a child’s ceiling. I was offered an opportunity to test the Night Lighting Lamp by SySrion which had all of the functions someone would want in a projection night lamp.

The night light lamp was nice right out of the box. It has a white base with 3 functions buttons and a D.C 5V port. The lamp can be powered by 4 AAA batteries, USB connection to a computer or USB adapter pull in to the wall. The lamp does not come with the wall adapter, but does come with the USB cord. Above the base the lamp globe is divided into two spaces. The bottom is colored pink then a white rim with the top of the lamp showing the stars and moon. There is also a frosted cover that fits over the dome of the lamp. The cover can be used for a soft nightlight if you do not want the cosmos pattern on the ceiling. If want to see the cosmos pattern then just take off the cover. You can have just a white light pattern that has a soft glow or you can pick colored patterns. If you want the cosmos star pattern to move around you just push the button and choose which mode. Want more than one color you can choose that too. There are 9 different color patterns to choose from. Do you want the patterns to rotate around the room then press the button and it’s moving or push it again to stop it.

• Lightweight
• Easy to use
• Only 3 function buttons
• Battery operated
• USB operated
• Pretty pattern of stars and moon
• Warm, blue, green and red lights
• Dome cap
• Rotates
• Colored base

• Does not come with a wall adapter

Overall, I found the pink Night Lighting Lamp By SySrion to be a great gift for any child. On those stormy nights if the power goes out the night lamp works on 4 AAA batteries so they can still feel safe at night. The rotating pattern is peaceful and will cause any body to relax as well as fall asleep. While testing the lamp I turned off all the lights and tested each color pattern, rotating and not rotating as well as jus the warm light nightlight. I found every one of these functions to be relaxing and even found myself sound to sleep. I saw no difference with I used the USB connection with my laptop, with a wall adapter or with batteries. I like that the rotating star pattern goes slowly like the real sky. I love the idea of the dome cover and even with the dome cover on I rotated the sky pattern only to find it comforting too. I personally have a ton of the wall adapters for the USB plug, but I would have like to see one included. I left the night lamp running for 8 hours with no problem. I also checked it to see if it got warm and it was as cool to the touch as when I started it. I love all of the little unique stars that cover the dome of the lamp. I know there is going to be one happy child when they get this night light. I would recommend the Night Lighting Lamp By SySrion.

I received this for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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