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Take Pictures like a Professional Photographer at Home

Recently, I decided to start taking up photography. I am only a novice and not a professional by any means, but even a novice likes to have some of the equipment that allow them the opportunity to have more professional looking pictures. When researching the different affects I determined that the next addition to my hobby should be a strobe boom lighting kit. The Emart Photo Studio 750 watt three flash strobe boom lighting kit had everything I was looking for.

When the box arrived I was surprised by the size and weight of the package. Thankfully, after unpacking the box I found that the weight was more manageable due to the storage case. The zippered black storage case is durable and sturdy which to me is important for using on locations for the professional or novice. The case also is great for protecting the lights from dust, dirt and damage. The bag has a large handle and it has a Velcro lock to keep them together. The zipper opens smoothly and without any catches. What surprised me was how easy it was to put everything back into the case for storage.

After unpacking all of the case contents which I will say was a lot, I could see the set come together. The set has a real professional look to it. There are 3 light stands of which two are the standard light stands. The other light stand has a long boom arm. The stands are all black and have flip locks. The two standard light stands set up in seconds and are light weight enough to move around for anyone. The boom arm stand took a few minutes more for me to figure out it was not difficult at all. I think I was making it more difficult because it was different from anything I had used so far. The boom arm does use a black sand bag as a weight.

There are a number of different options with this set of lights. A honeycomb grid, barndoor, colored lenses and the flash controls. The honeycomb gird directs light in a more uniform light pattern. The barndoor is a metal attachment that has 4 leaves. To be honest I had no idea what this could do, but once I researched it I found it is quite the tool. It helps to change the shape, color and light intensity of the flash head by simply opening and closing the different leaves. The beam of light or direction of the light is all up to the user. The colored lenses are quick and easy to attach. The colored lenses give the user the ability get different effects on the background or the photo subject by just changing the colored lenses. The flash option was a little scary to me at first. There is a dial on the back of the light that allow the user to control the flash. The user can also choose to connect their camera with a wire connection which allow them to be connected right to the flash dial. There is also a remote control that can be used once connected. It is really is simpler than it sounds.

The soft boxes are black on the outside and a shiny silver reflective interior. The soft boxes were easy to attach to the stands. The material that the soft boxes are made of is thick and is sewn nicely. Soft boxes are used to diffuse the light to give a more natural lightening. The kit also has a hot light which basically means that the light can be left on continuously if the user choose to leave it on.

Overall, I found the Emart Photo Studio 750 watt three flash strobe boom lighting kit to be quite impressive. The soft boxes that were provided worked nicely to reflect the light and the light was easy to control. The stands I found to be made really sturdy and yet were light weight enough that I could move them around easily. I really like the flip locks which I find are essential to a quick and easy set up. The carry case is really a nice touch and I found it to be well made. The case is large. I am sure everyone has gotten a product neat packed in a carrying bag to only find when it’s time to repack the bag you find nothing fits right. Not with this bag everything went back in just as it should. The construction of this whole set is very nice and all of the little details that went into the set shows pride. I may only be a novice photographer, but with the right equipment even my picture quality can look professional. The only issue I had with this product was the lack of detailed instructions. I was able to research the things I was in question about, but I would like to see a nice detail booklet to refer too. I am extremely happy with this strobe lightening set and really can’t think of anything it missing other than more instructions. I would recommend the Emart Photo Studio 750 watt three flash strobe boom lighting kit.

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