Suaoki Portable Power Station

I cannot tell you how many times we have lost power. We have a gas generator, but sometimes its just not possible to start it up. Just recently we lost power for a few hours of course my phone and Ipad were both with low battery. With the Suaoki portable power station I was charging in no time. The Suaoki Portable Power Station is a must have to stay charged or connected.

The Suaoki portable power station is quite impressive. It’s housing is made of solid plastic materials. While this power station is not your pocket size charger it is still portable. It is beefy at 2.9 lbs and 7.3″ x 4.3″ x 4.7″ , but it is still easy to carry around. Also, at the top of the power station there are two fold-able handles for easy carrying.¬† Across the top there is a light bar that shows its charging or charged. However, it does not show its discharged rate which is something that would have been useful.¬†

This portable power station has 4 USB ports and the blue one is the quick charge port. There are also, 4 DC outlets . Also, maybe one of the biggest surprises was the 2/3 pronged grounded AC outlet. Another, great feature is this unit can be charged by using a power cord in any household wall plug. Charging this power station is easy on the go with a car adapter or solar panels. Everything you need to charge this power station is included except for the solar panel.

The jacks and ports are easy to access and use. This is a multi functional charging or power unit that allows multiple products to be charging at one time. While charging or powering this power station can support a laptop, fan, CPAP, phone, tablet, air pump, small appliances (projector, lights, lamps etc) and so much more. Keep in mind that anything charging or powered by the USB ports need to be supported by a 12 V output. The grounded outlet can also be used for small appliances, lights and other electrical items that can be ran on a 120 V inverter.

Another surprise that this power station offers is the lights on the end of the housing. These lights are extremely useful if you are walking, stranded or when you need light and your hands at the same time. With the base and housing of this unit being so sturdy you will have no worries about it tipping over or how to balance it like a flashlight or your phone light.

Overall, my impression with the overall design and functionality is quite high. Having the ability to charge more than one phone or tablet at a time is useful for any family. Also, I can charge my phone while projecting  movie, listen to music, running lights or so on. Which means I am not sitting around waiting for each application to finish. The Suaoki portable power station takes about 8 hours to charge using a wall outlet. I have not been able to test how long the car charger adapter will take, but past experience tells me about the same or slightly longer.

I do not own the solar panel so testing the charging time is out of the question for now. Personally, I thinking having the solar panel would be a great idea for camping, hunting, fishing or even power outages. This is one product I will most likely purchase in the coming months.

I really like everything about the power station. However, I can see some areas for improvement. One thing as I mentioned before showing the discharged amount would be helpful especially if you were relying on this unit for survival or away from home. The other thing that would have been great is a storage case of some sort to keep the power station and cords together. These are not critical to the functionality, but more convenience to the user. I would recommend this product and am very happy with my purchase.


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Suaoki Portable Power Station Product Specifications:

  • DC Output Ports (Max 15A)
  • 2 x AC Outlets (110V)
  • 1 x QC 3.0 USB
  • 3 x USB Ports
  • 2 x Flashing Lights for Emergency
  • 2 x Status Indicators
  • Battery Capacity: 150Wh

    Suaoki Portable Power Station Package Includes:

  • S270 portable charging station
  • DC car charger adapter cable (to charge S270 while driving)
  • MC4 cable (to charge S270 via solar panels)
  • AC adapter (to charge S270 via wall outlet)
  • DC female cigarette lighter adapter (to charge in-car DC devices)
  • User manual


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