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Stylish Canvas Tote Bag With Leather Elements

I am always looking for a stylish bag that I can use for every day. It has to be able to carry just about anything I might need. I do take my laptop or tablet with me wherever I go since it is easy during any downtime to get some work done. I need a bag that can keep up with my active lifestyle as well as to hold everything I need to be working mobile. The Estarer tote bag is the perfect choice for me.


This bag will delight anyone with its sheer size. . It is huge, but oh in such an amazing way. Right away I could tell it was going to be able to hold everything I needed to keep working on the go. The bag I choose is a nice caramel khaki color with rich brown straps. This bag is made of a durable canvas material that feels thick to the touch. You can feel that the fabric is going to hold up to wear.


The brown leather straps are real genuine leather and it has that new leather smell. The leather is a medium dark brown color that goes perfectly with the khaki fabric. The leather straps are about ¾ wide. Each of the bags straps are connected to the tote by rounded head brass studs, but they are flat not raised. This bag offers a handle opening that is about 8 ¾ inches and can be carried on the shoulder or by hand. There is a center leather strap that closes over a brass colored post. The leather strap has four openings so the strap can be adjusted to accommodate the bags contents.


This bag measures 17 ¾ inches across by 15 ¾ inches long and has an 8 ½ inch opening. The tote has a metal zipper with a leather pull that goes all the way across the tote top. This tote has a cream colored stitching across the top and sides (four lines each). There are three lines of stitching across the bottom of the bag. This bags bottom sides have triangular reinforced piece of fabric that has 6 decorative brass studs. The bottom has a stiff base that has some type of insert to keep the tote flat. Along the front and back of the bag are two decorative medium dark banding. There is a square leather patch along the top of the bag. This bag has a well placed deep open side pocket with a zipper.


Overall, I found this tote to be well made and the craftsmanship to be outstanding. All of the stitching is straight and free of any skips or defects. The leather is a nice touch and adds stability to the tote when carry a heavy load. I like the choice of using either a zipper or strap closure. The deep pocket has just enough room for my wallet, keys and inhaler with room to spare. The zipper compartment will hold pens, money, keys or anything you might want to grab quick.


My laptop and tablet both will fit in this bag at the same time. I normally only take one or the other, but this gives me a choice to take both. This stylish bag is able to fit a note book, file and laptop with room to spare. When it comes to making this bag stylish the designer didn’t miss a beat.


The only thing about this bag that I would change is the handles, I wish the handles were a few inches longer. When carrying the back over my shoulder I do not have a lot of room to spare. Also, it would be nice to have a metal buttons on the bottom corners of the bag to keep it off of the table or floor. Though, these things are more of a personal preference than a necessary change.

I have a few totes and laptop carrying cases and to be completely honest this one far exceeds the functionality of any of the ones I own. Customers will find this bag as many different uses.  It would make a great bag for a weekend stay, diaper bag or beach bag as well as so many other uses.  I would recommend the Estarer Tote Bag.


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