If you are like me cooking home cooked meals is part of our daily lives. Having the right types of sauce pans or the correct size pan is important in getting the meal on the table quickly. Lets face it our time is stretched to the limits and having the right tools at our disposal saves us precious time.  These stone earth all in one sauce pans are a great all around pan.

Ozeri’s Stone Earth all in one sauce pan

The stone earth all in one sauce pan has a Eco-friendly stone-derived coating that is from Germany. It is 100% free of APEO, NMP and NEP while being a full non-stick pan. These sauce pans features a strong aluminum core that allows heat to maintain its temperature longer. Also the bottom of the pan is magnetized which allows it to be used on induction stoves.

This non-stick sauce pan is 5.3 quarts with 3 inch deep sides and a 11 inch inter surface is the perfect size. The handle is comfortable to hold with its silicon-coating too. It also has a second handle on the side of the pan which is great for lifting or transferring the pan to the table. There is also a glass lid with a steam release vent. The glass lid is made with tempered glass. On the top of the lid is a heat-resistant knob.

Also, these beautiful  stone earth all in one sauce pans come in Granite Gray with a black interior, Coconut Brown with a cream with a speckling of brown interior and a Lava Black with a cream with a speckling of black interior. All of the pans are easy to clean inside and out.

Sauce Pan Conclusion:

Overall, this is one of those pans that you can make a lot of one pot dishes. The 3 inch deep sides means I can make chili and know it will feed my family. Another thing I like is the handle it is so comfortable to hold on too. Also, it does not get hot. I really like having the side handle too its makes moving a full pan easier. The lid fits the pan snugly and having the vent for steam release means I do not have to worry about steam burns when I remove the lid. Also, the knob on top of the lid is easy to grab to lift the lid up.

When cooking onions with brown sugar the caramelizing of the sugar does not stick. Even tomato sauces  clean up great with no staining. Also, I found this sauce pan to maintain its heat while cooking. I was also able to cook at a lower temperature. Another great time saver is the clean up it was a breeze inside and out. I also like that the stone earth all in one sauce pan comes in earth tone colors. The speckling in the interior is a great visual touch. I am completely happy with this pan and would recommend it to everyone!

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