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PN PRINCESS NINA Women Sterling Silver Feather Pendant Necklace for Ladies Valentine Gifts gor Her Birthday Gift for Wife Jewelry for Sister

High quality jewelry can be very expensive and out of the reach of most buyers budgets. With the PN Princess Nina line of 925 Sterling Silver pendants this is not the case. These two pieces are both priced under $25.00 which for sterling silver is a fantastic price.  Both of these pieces will surprise you with their quality and detailed designs.

The soft tender whisper design of the silver feather is unique. It is simple while being elegant. The 925 Sterling Silver quality is the same as what you would find in a jewelry store. Also, the details found in the feather is so pretty. Each of the grooves gives the feather a realistic feel. The pendant is 18 inches and comes with a 2 inch extender. It is 1.4 inches and weighs 0.17 ounces.

PN PRINCESS NINA Womens Sterling Silver Crystal Cylinder Pendant Necklace for Valentine Jewelry for Ladies Birthday Gift for Wife Anniversary for Her

The next pendant is in the shape of a cylinder with AAA cubic Zirconia crystals. It is also 925 Sterling silver which adds to the elegant simplistic design. Also, along the edges of the barrel you can see the surrounding tiny Zirconia crystals  around cylinder. Another beautiful feature is the center of the barrel there are longer crystals that give even more sparkle. This pendant chain length is 17.5 inches with a 2 inch extender.

Each of these beautiful Sterling Silver pendants comes in a white gift box. Also, included is a soft Silver polishing cloth. As with any piece of jewelry to extend its beauty you will want to keep it clean, free of sweat, out of water and polished.

My thoughts

Overall, when it comes to jewelry it is something that most women treasure. Most of us do not want to worry about a expensive piece of jewelry being lost of broken when one of the little ones grab it. But we do want pieces that we want to wear over and over. Pieces that we like and are proud to own without breaking the budget. These pendants are exactly what most of us are looking for.

The quality of these pieces can be seen from the moment you open the boxes. Each piece has been carefully design with a women’s taste in mind. The detail is unique while timeless. The change lengths are adequate for most people, but if you are like me and want the longer length you will have the option of using the extenders.

I have worn a few pieces from this brand and have not experienced any skin irritation or discoloring. Also, when I am done wearing my jewelry I polish it before putting it away so it has stayed shiny. Another thing I like about this jewelry is the detail in the pieces it makes them to appear more expensive than what they are.

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