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STASH Folding Kids Chair



No matter how large our homes are finding spaces for our kids and grand-kids toys, books and furniture can be difficult. The Stash folding kids chair is more than a chair its a all in one chair. My granddaughter wants to set in all of our chairs and it was time she had her own. After searching the web I came across this amazing folding chair sold by Uncaged Furniture.

The Stash folding kids chair has a hidden compartment for storing toys, books or even a favorite blanket. Also, when the child is not using the chair it can be made into a ottoman. The kids chair resembles a real chair which will allow the child to have their own special piece of furniture. When sitting in the chair the child The child has good head and back support too.



Also, most kids furniture is light weight. The construction materials of most kids furniture is plastic too, but not this chair. You will see the  Stash folding kids chair is a real piece of furniture you can be proud to display. The extra plush fabric is easy to clean with a damp cloth. It can be treated like any other piece of fabric furniture piece.

The Stash folding kids chair has a 200 lb weight limit allowing a child to grow with the chair. Also, this is a chair that will allow the child to use it in their own room or in the family room where they can have their own space. Watching a movie or reading a book your child will feel more grownup and be comfortable.

Storage ottoman for kids toys playroom living room modular modern kids furniture folding chair

My findings

Overall, I found the Stash Folding Kids Chair to be a solid modern piece of furniture. The fabric is soft to the touch while being sturdy to hold up to daily use. Also, having the ability to fold down into a ottoman makes it more versatile. The storage compartment is nice for books or those few special toys the kids want to keep close by. Another thing I like about this chair is that is lightweight enough that a child can move it around, but heavy enough it will not tip over.

The chair is large enough to be comfortable for a child as young as two years old all the way up to 10 years old. There is also a lot of support in the seat and backing of this chair. Another nice thing is when the child does out grow the chair you can continue to use it for storage and a ottoman. Also, the chair is made of solid materials something you will not find in most kids furniture.

I am completely happy with the overall appearance, construction and size of this kids chair. The chair is available in black, blue and pink. I have the black and it fits into our decor perfectly. Also, with two large dogs the fabric is easy get the hair off. As well as the little messy a 2 year old can bring. The pictures make the chair appearance to look shiny this is not the case when you see it in person. I would recommend this chair. On the plus side this is one of those gifts that can be handed down to other kids in the family too.



Stash Folding Kids Chair Specifications

Back Folded: 20 x 16 x 14.5”
Upright position: 20 x 16 x 25”
Storage Chest: 7.5 x 13 x 14.5”
Material: Plush Fabric

Weight: 21 lbs

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