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Stainless Steel Drying Rack

One household task I hate to do is dishes. First the dishes appear to stack up out of nowhere. Leaving a never ending supply of dirty dishes. Then I never seem to have enough counter space for them to dry leaving me to hand dry them. I came across the GEYUEYA stainless steel drying rack that is compact, but holds a lot of dishes. This stainless steel drying rack is a must have item for my kitchen.

When the rack arrived it was delivered in a simple package. Inside the package you will find the 2 tier drying rack, towel hook, water tray and and a silverware rack. All of the nuts and washers are also include also. Due to the stainless steel material the rack, nuts and bolts they will not rust.  The rack took less than 5 minutes to put it together.

There are two horizontal shelves that are attached to two outside frames. These parts are connected with nuts and a screw cap. When adding the top the nuts and screw caps will go on the outside of the outer frame. Due to the bottom not having a stop the nut will go on first becoming the stop.  Then place the parts together through the outer frame following with the screw cap.

Once you have the main portion of the drying rack together the other parts are simply slide over the outside edges. There is a a open rack for lids or small cutting boards. On the opposite side you will have the utensil holder that has a plastic holder. Another feature on the utensil holder there are 4 hooks for hanging larger pieces such as whisk, spatulas and so on. On the top of the holder is slots that is for larger knives.

After the rack is assembled it measures about 16 1/2 inches long x 10 inches wide and 14 3/5 inches high. Another great feature is this is a two tiers to this drying rack so you get double the drying space in a single area.  On the bottom of the 4 legs of the rack are rubber caps to protect the counters surface. The rack also comes with hanging hardware if you choose to hang it on a wall.

Overall, the rack is useful with its two tiers. It is easy to put together. The drying rack can hold up to 50 lbs of dishes so it is sturdy. With all the main components made of stainless steel it will hold up for years to come. Also, it will be easy to keep clean and no mold issues that are prevalent on plastic drying racks. The rack is compact more so than other racks due to its 2 tier design.

With any product there are always room for improvement. My first suggestion is the packaging. When I took the rack out of the main box I found nuts and screw caps inside the box. If would be easy to miss a part in the bottom of a box.  It might be better to keep all of the parts in a plastic bag. My next suggestion is to include instructions on how to assemble the rack. It is easy to figure out, but it still needs a picture diagram or written instructions. Although, the listing has a picture diagram.

If you are looking for a solid stainless steel drying rack that provides you will a lot of drying space this is the right rack. This rack is compact enough that will fit even the smallest of kitchens. One nice thing is it looks nice so there is no reason to put it away. You could use it for extra storage for you everyday dishes.

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