Solar Lights, Hetekell Super Bright 8 LED Solar Powered Waterproof Wireless Security Bright Light for Garden, Deck, Driveway, Stairs Auto On / Off -No Tools Required

I love living in the country even though it can be really dark at times. What I don’t like is the high electric bills I get from running yard lights and still I can’t reach all the areas in my yard I would like. The Solar Lights, Hetekell Super Bright 8 LED Solar Powered lights offers me a solution to my problem. The compact solar lights has 8 LED lights that gives off a surprisingly amount of light. These lights are waterproof and heat resistant so I have no worries about having to remove them during different seasons. The solar powered motion sensor lights needs full sunlight to be fully charged, but the sun is free energy to harness sorry electric company. The Li-ion rechargeable battery has a long life span which is something I really like. The solar powered motion sensor has an auto on/off sensor and is activated by motion up to 15 feet away.

• Environmentally friendly
• Quick and easy installation
• Auto on/off activation to movement
• 8 LED lights
• Heat Resistant
• Waterproof
• No wiring needed
• Battery and LED bulbs have long life spans

• Requires full sunlight

I am completely pleased with the functions of this solar motion sensor lights. I will be able to light up some areas in my yard that other lights cannot reach. I love that the solar motion sensor light keeps my electric costs down and even works in a power outage. When you first take the solar motion sensor out of the box I placed my in the sun to begin the charging process after I peeled off the protective film on the solar and light covers. We have been cloudy for the last few days so it took longer for a full charge and this may be an issue with the winter weather in my area. Only time will tell how they will perform during the overcast skies during our Michigan winters. After a few days I finally had a full charge I took the wire pin key and pushed it into the activation hole on the front of the solar light box. You only push it in one time and the light comes on immediately, place the key in a safe place just in case you need in the future. One full charge will give up to 10 – 12 hours of illumination which is perfect for me. I would recommend the Solar Lights, Hetekell Super Bright 8 LED Solar Powered lights.
I received this for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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