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BUKELERN Smart Food Thermometer

Our family would prefer to cook outside all year round, but that is impossible in the northern states. Though, we make the most out of everyday we can get our grills going and yes I said grills. We prefer the taste of charcoal grilling, but the ease of gas is always appealing. No matter what form of grilling we use it is always important to make sure we do not overcook our food. Our biggest problem is everyone likes certain foods cooked differently. A Smart Food thermometer is just the tool we need.


For the longest time we have used multiple thermometers to check out meat.  It can be a pain making sure the batteries are all fresh and working in multiple thermometers. Also, running outside to check the temps only to find out you missed the temperature you wanted. When I was asked to test the BUKELERN Smart Food Thermometer I was so excited. This was really a answer to all our cooking issues. No more over done steaks or chicken. Smoking ribs and other family favorites will be a breeze. 


The Smart Food Thermometer has 6 stainless steel probes that are self storing. These probes can monitor each individual portion of food you are cooking.  The easy to download APP for your phone will allow you to monitor the food temperatures from up to 196 ft outdoors and 100 ft indoors. No more running outside on those hot days or raining days to check the temperatures of the food. You can safely watch from inside while putting together your side dishes. Never worry about not seeing the temperature on the LCD screen when the dinner has reached the temperature you set a alarm will sound. 


The smart food thermometer can also be used inside while baking, grilling and frying. Also, there are some preset temperatures for various types of meat. But you have full control and can set your own personal preferences.  Another nice feature is the large size LCD screen easy for most individuals to read. Also, you can see the temperatures displayed on your APP on your phone. If you move out of range the APP will alert you. There are just a few steps to set up the smart food thermometer which are all displayed on the LCD screen.


Overall, after using this smart food thermometer it is easy to see how much easier grilling or cooking in general can be with no more dried out or overcooked food. The base is stable when sitting on any surface. Placing the batteries 2 AA literally takes just a few seconds and easy to reach no tools needed. Also, the self storing cables are great no more twisted cables catching on everything in the drawer.

Another feature that is my favorite is having the ability to set the temps for 6 different foods at once. No more wishing I had taken it off sooner or left it on longer. Also, the backlit LCD screen is easy to read even for those with bifocals. This smart food thermometer covers everything a cook really wants in a thermometer. The only thing that would make this better is a storage bag to keep everything together. I would recommend this smart food thermometer to anyone who likes to cook or eat.




Smart Food Thermometer Specification:

  • plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Thermometer size: 85*78*40mm
  • Probe size: 155*48*16mm
  • Measuring range: 0~250 ℃ / 32 ~ 482℉
  • Measurement accuracy: (0-99℃)±1℃ / ±1.8℉ or +/-1%    (100-250℃) +/-2%
  • Display mode: LCD screen + mobile phone APP display
  • Bluetooth connection distance: 100 meters
  • Power supply: 2*AA 1.5V batteries
  • Alarm mode: APP prompt alarm + product self alarm
  • Support mobile phone type: for iPhone 4S & later models;  for Android 4.3 & later models, with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Fahrenheit / Celsius conversion




Smart Food Thermometer :
1 x Smart Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer
2 x Battery
6 x Probe
1 x Manual


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