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Smart Android Video Mini Projector

When it comes to family gatherings my family enjoys a number of different forms of entertainment. Our likes are simple either we like a good movie, looking at family pictures or even watching sports. Whether we are watching indoors or outdoors to us it doesn’t matter as long as we are having fun. Recently, we purchased a travel trailer and the space for a television is small compared to what we are used too. This lead me to find a good smart android video mini projector that was compact and easy to use.

The smart android video mini projector by Aodin had all the features I was looking for. It is a wireless Bluetooth projector with HDMI-input which means as long as I have data we can watch movies at any park. But with this unique projector we can stream from a stored video on our phones, laptop, SD card, and any external hard drive, Xbox or PS4. This projector is also compatible with Kobi.

When you open up the box you will find that the mini projector comes with a drawstring carrying bag. It has a nice heavy duty tripod with rubber feet. This tripod has a swivel base on the top which just screws into the bottom of the projector. The tripod measure about 5 inches from the tip of the swivel top to the bottom rubber feet. There is a half-moon black plastic knob that controls the swivel position for the projector. You will want to make sure you have it locked before setting up your projector for viewing.

This mini projector comes with a remote control which is more responsive when you are within a few feet of the projector. Make sure nothing is in the path of the projector and the remote to insure the remote functions properly. All of the function buttons are located on the top of the projector if you would rather not use the remote. You will also find that the projector comes with a power adapter and user manual.

This is a little powerhouse mini projector with its 300 ISO lumens and 5000mah battery. You can expect to get 2.5 to 3 hours of continuous play time. The turnaround charging time is just a few hours. The project measures about 6 inches long, 3 ¼ inches wide and ¾ inches thick. The visual field for viewing is 37.8 inches – 120 inches.

Keep in mind that even though the lumens are higher on this projector than most mini projectors you will need a dark environment for optimal viewing. Also having a projector screen is nice, but not necessary as long as you have a light colored smooth wall. Though, one really nice thing is with the WiFi and Bluetooth the projector can support a full HD 1080p picture.

Mira-cast air play connects seamlessly which makes using this projector easier use than others I have tested. I have yet to find a responsive remote, but this one is better than most. The closer you are to the projector the better when using the remote. Personally, I normally end up using the functions buttons since I will be adjusting the picture anyways. The focus wheel is on the side of the projector and is very sensitive so it can take a few seconds to get it just right.

There is a built in speaker, but you will not get the sound quality of volume you are used too. However, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack for connecting to external speakers or if you want to listen with headphones.  Most of these projectors have a LED bulb with a life span of over 25,000 hours which will last the average person years of viewing.



In conclusion, this is one impressive little projector. The picture quality is surprising clear and the colors are great. Though, if you want the best picture quality you need a really dark room. If there is a little light streaming in you can still see the picture, but the quality is diminished. I found the sound lacking, but it is easy to connect to an external speaker which I prefer anyways. The sound is decent enough for a small area.

Once I figured out the airplay it worked seamlessly, but it took me a while to get there. Streaming from my ipad was somewhat difficult, but I am sure I missed some step along the way. Though, I found streaming from the Xbox and the SD card the easiest. Another, great thing about the SD card is I can stream family photos at a family gathering, wedding or any party if I want to without trying to fit everyone around a laptop. Showing a PowerPoint would also be great for a business meeting, school presentation and so on.

The sturdy metal tripod makes projecting whatever I want to stream so easy. I can point it just about anywhere and no it’s not going to move. Turning the knob with the light on I can set up my tripod to project on the wall where I want ahead of time. This allows me to start streaming when I want. Then just lock the knob and its set. It really can’t get easier than that.

The only areas I found lacking were the sound and the carrying case. I would like to see a hard case of some type to protect the projector during traveling. However, these things would not stop me from purchasing this smart mini projector again.

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