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A Sleek Stylish Fan

I have owned a number of fans and have fans running year round. I need to know that my fan can be used for not only cooling me off when I am hot, but to help circulate the warm air around the room in the winter. I don’t know why, but there is something comforting about the sound of air flowing. However, I do not want a fans that give off that high pitch sound that gets on my nerves like finger nails on a chalk board. The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan was offered to me as  test sample and since it stated it had noise reduction technology I was happy to test it.


When the Ozeri tower fan arrived I was first surprised at how large the box was. The tower fan is white with 3 black circle fans. The top of the fan contains a black touch screen and is where all of the function buttons located. Along, the front you will see each of the function buttons labeled clearly so no guessing which button to choose. The base is a round glass base that sits on 5 silver metal cylinder feet. The fan tapers down to a silver metal tube that is connected to the base. The fan has a modern look to its design elements.


The tower fan has blue LED strip located at the bottom of the white base that indicates that the fan is on. The black top area of the fan where the function buttons are located is also lite up showing what mode and speed the fan is set on. The 3 fans can be used together or separately depending on your personal preferences or needs. The fan also comes with a remote control that is quite responsive even from across the room.


The tower fan offers 3 wind speeds which are high, medium and low. It also has 3 wind modes which are sleep, nature and normal. The fan does oscillate to a 90 degrees or it can stay locked in one position. The fan measures about 44 inches and weighs about 12 ½ lbs. The fan comes unassembled, but takes less than 5 minutes to take out of box to start up.

Overall, this fan is by far the best fan I have even owned. It is the quietest fan I have ever owned. Though, I have never owned a fan that was completely quiet and I believe that would be unrealistic. The fans offers 3 modes with the first one being a normal setting where the fan works continuously at the speed one of the 3 speeds. The second mode is a sleep mode where the fan which runs on high and medium for 30 minutes before running on low. Another sleep feature is the auto dimming light feature that dims the LED screen after 2 minutes of inactivity. This was a nice feature since I do not like the glowing lights in my bedroom when I am trying to sleep. The timer function is another nice feature that is missing on most fans. I can set the fan to be on delay or set to shut off and if I change my mind I can cancel allowing the fan to continue to work. The last function that I was really surprised was that I can turn on or off one, two or three fans. This feature allow me to choose if I need all 3 fans blowing or maybe just a slight breeze that would require one or two fans. The cleaning is a little daunting, but with a can of compressed air or vacuum it was easy to clean and the rest of the fan I can use a damp cloth. The one issue I did have was I notice the base did loosen up after it ran continuous for 4 days. I want to see if the fan could take the abuse of none stop running. The fan has help up great. I am completely happy with this fan. It works better than I thought it would and the modern look is fresh and appealing. I would recommend the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44″) with Passive Noise Reduction Technology.


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