Our family is on the go constantly and that means stopping to pick up snacks and drinks all the time. Oh, we try to grab the cooler, but the ice melts so fast we end up with soggy snacks or water all over the place. A personal mini fridge is what we needed, not only for traveling, but for camping too. When looking into mini fridge’s I have found that most were so small they really did not hold much at all. Then, I came across the Uber 12 can Retro min fridge and was intrigued by what it could hold. The look of the sleek retro personal mini fridge is what caught my eye.
The mini fridge that I ordered was a classic red that gave me that vintage retro look that I love. The edges are rounded to give that sleek old fridge look. There is an oval window that allows the contents to be views before opening up the door. The inside of the mini fridge is similar to a cooler interior. The door closes with a locking silver hinge handle. Located on the back of the mini fridge is the switch to operate the cold or heat option.

There is a plug in slot for the wall adapter and another slot for the car adapter. On each of the back corners is where you will find long vents and a larger circle vent in the center of the back. These vents are the circulation fans. This personal mini fridge has the ability to cool up to 32 degrees F below the room, vehicle air temperatures. It also can warm up to 135 degrees F above the air temperatures of any given space. The mini fridge holds up to 6 bottles of water and 12 cans. This unit will not raise the temperature of the contents of the can only slightly so it is recommend to place cold items inside to keep them cold.

When using the heat function you can expect a warm interior not a hot oven, but a warmer. When placing food in to keep warm you should place already warm food inside of the unit. Overall, I found the Personal Mini Fridge to be quite useful and well made. All of the mini fridge features are easy to understand and use. Located on the back of the unit is the switch which lights up when the fridge is in use as well as the plug slots. There are 3 vent fans need a 6 inch clearance for good air flow. The fans sounds like a small fan blowing, its very quiet.

When testing the fridge I allow the unit to be plugged in the 12 hours as recommended. At the 12 hour mark I added 6 bottles of chilled water. I tested the water every hour. I found the water to be cold, if not colder than when they were placed in the unit. To test for the heating option I turned the unit off for 4 hours before restarting it on the heat setting. The unit took 4 hours for the heat to feel warm enough for me to place my wrapped food inside of the fridge. The temperature of the food was warm, but if you are expecting scorching hot this until will not be for you. I put a slice of warm pizza in the unit wrapped in tin foil. The pizza cheese was still gooey like it was when I put it in the unit.

There are a few drawbacks to this Personal Mini Fridge, but in my opinion they are more nuances then actual deal breakers. First off the unit must be unplugged after 48 hours of use for a least one hour. This will not be an issue when traveling since we can unplug it before stocking it up for the next day. The next issue is the unit needs clearance around the fans.  The fridge will have to be placed on the floor to insure it has good air flow. The door latches well, but if the unit is not completely flat you will need two hands to close it.  To be perfectly honest these drawbacks are small things and have no bearing on how well the unit functions.

Actually, I have own larger units that work in the same manner and had no issues. The only difference is that this Personal Mini Fridge is portable enough for me to take it on the go. Even when filled the mini fridge is so light weight that anyone can carry it. The exterior stays cool to the touch and is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The mini fridge has a handle slot on the top to make carrying easy. I cannot wait to take this along on our next road trip even if it’s just out shopping for the day.

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