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Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Our family likes camping and we also have hunters. Having a self inflating sleep pad can make all the difference in your trip experience. However, do not let your imagination stop there. A sleeping pad can be used for home use too. A extra bed for the grandkids, guest or in an emergency.

What is great about this mat is for the most part its a self inflating pad. You will need to give it some extra air either by blowing it manually or using a small pump. Though, do not over inflate it. The whole inflating process will take about 12 minutes and then you will need to add the extra air to adjust the firmness of the pad.

The sleeping pads are made so that you can connect two pads together by snapping. Though, keep in mind that the pad does have a 330 lb weight restriction.  When connecting these pads together the weight restriction would still be the same for each side.

Sleeping pads offer a user more than just comfort. It protects against moisture in the ground,rain and dirt. You will also stay warmer by sleeping on a pad. This sleeping pad is lightweight t 3.3 lbs and comes with its own storage bag. When fully inflated the pad will measure around 6.33 feet long, 1.5″ thick and 2.07 feet wide. When compressed and in its self storage bag it measures 15″ x 6.7″ x 6.7″.

Another great feature is the dual free-flow and non-leak air valves. This allows for easy inflating and deflating. While any inflatable item can leak I was happy to see that this company puts each mat through a 72 hour leakage test. Though, just in case you were to experience a leak in the future you will find a patch kit in your storage bag.

The sleeping mat is made of 190T polyester pongee fabric which is durable. It provides that extra comfort that we are all looking for. Inside there is a  open cell foam that give the pad its firm and insulation support. As with any inflatable product you will want to will want to self inflate the sleep pad for several minutes and then add more air by blowing into the valve. Always close the valve when you have finished adding the air manually. For first time use it is recommended that it stay inflated overnight before using. This process will help increase inflation times in the future.

Full inflated size: L76” x H1.5” x W24.8” (Contain the edge)
Package size: 15” x 6.7” x 6.7”
Weight: 3.3 Ibs.

Package Included:                                                                                        
Sleeping Pad
Carrying Bag
Repair kit and Instruction

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