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Retractable Stainless Steel Hand Gaff

Fishing is a fun sport for the whole family. Pulling in a heavy fish though is not so much fun. But this is where a retractable stainless steel hand gaff comes in handy. No more worries about the line snapping at the last second or struggling to bring in the big catch of the day.

Dopromal’s retractable stainless steel hand gaff has a aluminium alloy shaft. A razor-sharp stainless steel hook which will hook your fish fast with less effort. The gaff also protects the fisherman from those species with razor teeth. A non-slip foam grip keeps the gaff comfortable in your grip while the wrist strap gives you the extra hold.

The polished aluminum shaft is lightweight, though it can stand up to the tough environment. Especially water conditions like salt water. There are a number of sizes to choose from in this style of retractable stainless steel hand gaffs. You will find the gaff comes in medium and small in gray then it comes in silver in small, medium and large. The small hand gaffs measure 11.81 inches, medium 14.18 inches and the large 18.11 inches. When extended the small becomes 27.6 inches, medium 31.5 inches and the large becomes 47.25 inches.


Coming from a family of fisherman I can understand the importance of having the right tools to come home with a boat full of fish. Fishing is a fun time to spend with family and friends, but no one wants to come home empty handed. I am sure you or someone you know lost the big catch when they had a line break. ¬†Another thing is not getting the net under the fish before it gets lose. This can be avoided with the Dopromal’s retractable stainless steel hand gaff.

When reading the description it said salt water, but hey we have large fish in our lakes too. Anyone who has went Salmon fishing knows that these fish can weigh up to 15 lbs on average. The razor sharp hook would be able to hook on to a salmon which would help you bring it into the boat where you want it.

If you are looking for a gift for the fisherman in your life this is the product you need to look at. I am very happy with this gaffing hook and can see it helping us to land some big catches.


Hand Gaff Note:

Bearable weight

Small no more than 15 pounds

Medium no more than 13.5 pounds

Large no more than 11 pounds

These weights are determined by length of the extended gaff.


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