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Rechargeable Blood Pressure Monitor

If you or someone you love has high blood pressure you understand how dangerous this can be to someones health. Having a accurate way to monitor blood pressure should be a top propriety.  The Cardio Tech rechargeable blood pressure monitor by Ozeri is just the type of monitor everyone should own. No more worrying about having batteries on hand since this monitor can be charged over night while you are sleeping.

The Cardio tech rechargeable blood pressure monitor is less than 1 inch thick and weighs 3.5 ounces. It has fully automatic inflation that mimics a real-time blood pressure detection which reduces the time and increases the comfort of the user. Also, this blood pressure monitor has the ability to detect irregular heartbeats and hypertension with just a push of a button. Another feature I like is the simple wrist cuff design which I find puts less pressure on my arm than tradition monitors.

This blood pressure monitor can be used by multiple users, but can only store up to 3 users readings. Over 1197 blood pressure readings can be stored with date and time too. No more worries about writing your measurements down or keeping track of where you wrote the information down. Also, this monitor can take your last 3 readings and give a average measurement with 95 % accuracy. Most doctors offices today use these same monitors to monitor their patients.

Overall, I found this blood pressure monitor to be very accurate. The directions are easy to understand even for someone who may not understand new technology. Having the ability to store my blood pressure readings is great that way I do not have to remember to write them down. I can even take it to my doctors appointment to show my readings if I need too.

Charging this blood pressure monitor is easy too. I just plug it in at night every few days and its ready in the morning when I need it. Even though I do not have high blood pressure it is still important to keep track of my numbers in case my numbers do rise. Also, having the ability to monitor my husbands blood pressure too is a plus too. I like that the monitor stores 1197 readings with date and times. Also, it can store up to 3 users information.

This compact blood pressure monitor is great for traveling. It comes with a charging adapter, travel pouch and user manual. I recommend charging it over night before using the first time. Most electronics with rechargeable batteries are ready to use, but making sure the battery is fully charged is best. I would recommend this product. Also, this blood pressure monitor  would make a great gift!


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