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REAEON160 XL Gel Pen Set Giveaway

One of the fastest growing hobby is coloring for adults. Though, adults do not color with crayons they want the bold and vibrant colors that gel pens offer. Gel pens apply the color smoothly around the paper unlike the a regular marker or crayons. Surprisingly is the color quality and variations that gel pens offer.   Another reason why the REAEON 160 XL Gel Pen Set will have you in gel pen heaven.

The REAEON 160 XL Gel Pen Set offers 20% more ink than other gel pens. Due to this set of gel pens offering a medium tip at 0.6-1.0 mm it allows the ink to flow freely without the skip starting that other inks do. Each of the colors are a distinctive and  covers a full spectrum of colors. This pack of gel pens comes in a foldable plastic case that snaps shut to keep your pens safely inside.


Customers will find that the REAEON 160 XL Gel Pen Set will last longer which takes away the worry of running out of ink in the middle of your projects. Which means no more gel pens drying out than putting a stop to your creativity or even ruining hours of work. The medium tips will allow the gel ink to flow smoothly from the pen and across any  paper type.

With aid of the REAEON colored gel pens your projects will be turned into works of art. Because of these gel pens you can take a drawing, scrapbook, school or craft project over the top. As a result you can make your own greeting cards or invitations showing your artistic flare. You can eve send a letter filled with color.

What a great gift for the budding artist in your life or even for yourself. Most of all coloring can help reduce stress and to help you relax after a long hard day. The colors will brighten you mood while letting you express your creative side. The REAEON 160 XL Gel Pen Set offers every color you will need or ever want.

After testing the REAEON 160 XL Gel Pen Set we can both say they live up to their claim. Each of the gel pens glided across the paper leaving a colorful design behind. The self storing caps keep the gel ink from drying out. Also, the pen caps match the color of the ink.

As a result of our love of these markers we have teamed up with the REAEON brand to giveaway a 160 XL Gel Pen Set. Enter below.


Set contains:

42 Glitter

21 Metallic

39 Glitter Neon

19 Neon                                                                    

18 Pastel

11 Magic

6 Swirl

4 Standard



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Customers can find the product here: 


Enter the giveaway here: Starts 6/20



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