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Brand name products are what we reach for when shopping. While store brands sit right next to these brand name products we still reach for the brand name products. The reason we reach for the brand name is these companies have the money to advertise more than the store brands. Due to all of the ads we see we believe only brand name products will do.  But who knew that some of the store brands taste as good and sometimes even better. I found this to be true when it comes to Kroger’s Private Selection Brand products.

The Kettle chips come in a variety of popular flavors. The crispy crunch is perfect the way a kettle chip should be. Flavor wise these chips hit the mark with each chip having optimal coverage. Due to their spicy kick the BBQ flavor has is my absolute favorite.

The spices and rubs are high quality and have fresh taste. Grind your spices fresh or buy them ready to use its your choice.  While adding just the right amount of flavor to any boring meal. A little goes a long way which means you can experiment with vegetables and meats to come up with your own signature flavors.

The pickles come in a variety of flavors. If you like a soft or crunchy pickle they have what you are looking for. The bread and butter pickles have a nice snap while having that soft melting texture. Tasty just like the ones your grandmother and mothers used to make.

The bbq sauces are thick and spicy. Each of the flavors tastes like it was just made fresh in your kitchen. If you like a thin or thick coating this sauce will not disappoint you.

The cheese slices are creamy and melt beautifully on your burgers. Having a cold sandwich this cheese will compliment your toppings taking an ordinary sandwich to deli quality.  Top off the sandwich or grilled dish with Private Selections signature mustard’s. My favorite is the garlicky grainy mustard full of flavor. Take a plain dish, burger or sandwich over the top with a any of their flavors.

All of these products can be purchased at your local Kroger or other Kroger affiliate stores. Another great feature is the Private Selection brands prices are always reasonable. There selection of products and flavor choices is unique. I was lucky to have been able to taste a lot of these flavors and will be purchasing more in the future.

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