Prextex Plush Easter Basket with Bunny

The Prextex Plush Easter Basket is held by a Plush Easter Bunny and the basket hold a stuffed Easter egg and a baby chick all which will delight any child. This cute set can be used as a decoration for the Easter holiday in a child’s room or any room you want to add some holiday cheer. The whole set is made of plush fabrics and stuffed to hold there shapes.

The plush bunny is 9 inches tall and is holding on to the side of the basket. The plush bunny is white with a pink nose, mouth and inside of its ears as well as black hard plastic eyes. The Easter basket is 10 ½ inches high including the handle. The basket is orange with a green handle. The basket has some type of material that goes around the outside of the basket that keeps it semi ridged. There is an orange carrot with green top attached to the front of the basket. Inside of the basket is a removable chick that is yellow with black sewn in ears and an orange beak as well as feet. The chick also has a cute blue and white checkered ribbon around its neck. Also inside of the basket is a colorful Easter egg that has green, purple and pink color. The egg is also removable. Both the chick and egg are stuffed toys that can be played with. The basket can be filled with treats for Easter morning or during the holiday for everyone to enjoy.

This set is a cute Easter set that will delight all ages. It is lightweight so a child could carry the set around. The stuffing inside of the basket feels like cardboard so I am not sure if it will hold up to a lot of play though. I wish the bunny would have been attached with Velcro so that it could be taken off to play with also. The basket can hold a surprising amount of treats. This would make a cute decoration for any room, but I think any child that see this is going to want it in their room. I would recommend the Prextex Plush Easter Basket with Plush Easter Bunny.

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I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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