Prextex Jumbo 6″ Pre-filled Easter Eggs (Pack of 4 Jumbo Pre-filled Ester Eggs per Order)

Finding new and exciting little goodies for a child’s Easter basket, family party or school event during the Easter season can be difficult at best. So what I end up doing is filling the little plastic colored eggs with candy all the while knowing I am going to be facing a mess as well as some hyper kids by days end. Someone finally has put together an Easter egg set that is not filled with candy, but little trinkets. The Prextex Jumbo pre-filled Easter Eggs are sold in a 4 pack. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to test this product which I am excited to see what this set has to offer.IMG_4633.JPG

The first thing I want to mention is if you have kids around and want to use this product for their Easter basket wait and open the box later because they come in a clear plastic bag for all to see. Before even opening the bag I can see the oversized jumbo 6 inch eggs are filled with the littler eggs. There are four jumbo eggs in blue, pink, purple and yellow. These eggs are semitransparent so it is easy to see what is inside. The jumbo eggs are easy to open and close as well as hold a lot of goodies. I like that I will be able to reuse all of the eggs that come in the set and fill them next year. The jumbo eggs are large enough I will be able to put small stuffed animals, little cars and other little trinket toys instead of candy.

In the first 2 egg I opened I found it filled with things like a mini slinky, mini card deck, key chain, tiny rubber ball, a ring, a man with a parachute, dinosaur egg with a little dinosaur and so on. There were also 3 white rubber balls in the shape of an egg. These rubber egg balls are the same size as the smaller colored eggs. The last two eggs I opened had puzzle eggs. Each of the eggs had different shaped pieces that the kids pull apart and can put back together.

Overall, I found that the jumbo 6 inch eggs were filled with some interesting little trinkets that kids will love. These little trinkets may not look like much to us adult, but kids love these kinds of things. I love that each egg holds another trinket or puzzle piece. I like that I can reuse all of the eggs over and over again. What I wish would have been different about this set is I received two eggs that were just filled with puzzle pieces. I would have like to see an egg filled with the rubber egg balls. I found the eggs all to open and close easily. I also found them colors to be in tune with the Easter season. I like that not one of these eggs had candy in it. I also like that they come ready to toss into the Easter basket. Though, these would also be great for an Easter egg hunt or for a school party. There was no odor when I opened the plastic bag or any of the eggs. I am happy with the Prextex Jumbo 6″ Pre-filled Easter Eggs and would recommend them.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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