Prextex Halloween Super Clown Accessories Set

Dressing up can be a fun experience I think that is why so many people look forward to Halloween. The Prextex Super Clown Accessories set is the perfect set for those times you just want to make someone laugh. The clown set comes with a colorful wig that has yellow, orange, green, blue and red curls covering the whole wig. There is a big red foam clown nose that fits easily over your nose and it is not uncomfortable at all. The set also comes with a large polka dotted clown tie. The material is shiny with a slight grooved pattern. The polka dots colors are red, blue and green. The polka dots are covering a yellow tie base. Lastly the clown set comes with jumbo clown shoes. These shoes have a solid red heel and ankle as well as a solid blue toe area. The rest of the shoe is covered in stripes in green, yellow, orange, blue, purple and red as well as a yellow ribbon for a tie. The bottom of the shoes is a black vinyl.

Overall, I would say this is a complete clown accessories set. You never know when you might just want to make someone laugh and this set will help you accomplish just that. The clown accessories set is a one size fits most. It can be worn by adults as well as children. This set will provide many hours of fun. The shoes are a slight concern since they have a vinyl bottom. I am unsure how long the shoes will last especially if they are worn outside. If you are looking for an inexpensive Halloween custom or just something to make your kids laugh this is a nice set. I would recommend the Prextex Super Clown Accessories set.

This Super Clown Accessories set is sold by Prextex on Amazon at this link:

I received this as a complementary sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. ‪

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