Pop Oh Ver Line Sneak Peak


It’s time to experience the world of imagination and creativity with the new Pop Oh Ver line.  Offering a space saving solution that you wouldn’t typically see out on the market, these are sure to be a parent favorite as well. So what exactly is a the Pop Oh Ver line? Its an item that goes over a typical kitchen chair and transforms it. Made of durable canvas material, this is lightweight and easy to take from place to place for play anywhere. There are two models out on the line that are currently out. The kitchen stove and the counter top. Feel free to take a look at my post in regards to them which can be found here.


Pop Oh Ver Line Sneak Peak

Many of you have loved the kitchen stove and the counter top  Pop Oh Ver so much that you have been asking me what else is coming and when. With permission from the company owner, I have a sneak peak at what is coming for fall 2018 for this Pop Oh Ver line.




Like what you see? Make sure to stay tuned to their social media for more information as well as other styles of this line coming soon. There is much more to come. Make sure to grab your Pop Oh Ver before they’re all gone. This is sure to be a hot item for the holiday season.

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Customers can see the Pop Oh Ver line here:

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