Plinrise Office Colored Fineliner Sketch Drawing Pen Fine Point Gel Ink Pen Ink Width 0.4mm

The Plinrise Office Colored Fine Liner Sketch Drawing Pens have a fine point filled with gel ink. These colored marker pens can be found on Amazon and are sold in a pack of 24. The maker pens come in their own clear plastic storage case. These marker pens are all filled with very vibrant colors. The tips of the marker pens are 0.4mm. The markers are easy to hold and can be used for writing, drawing, sketching, coloring, making cards, taking notes, doodling as well as in a variety of other applications.

• 24 vibrant colors
• Triangular shaped pens
• 0.4mm tip
• Easy to hold and draw
• Colored cap and end cap color coded
• Super fine lines
• Plastic storage case with snaps
• Multi use pens
• Some markers dry

Overall, the colors in this set of Plinrise Office Colored Fine liner Skietch Drawing Pen with Fine Point Gel Ink are really vibrant. I would like to see the yellows to be just a little bit more vibrant though. I had two markers that seemed dried out and would not put down any color. I was able to shake them and turn them upside (point down). I then left them in a cup upside down all night long. The next day they were fine and I had no problem writing with them. The color coded caps and end caps makes finding the colored marker you want to use easier. I especially like the triangular shape of the pens shafts it makes it more comfortable to hold and use. I would never have thought that the shape of the pen would make such a big difference in comfort and ease of writing or drawing. When using the markers I experienced no smearing or rubbing off of color, but you can see some of the color on the other side of some paper. The plastic storage case is nice to keep my markers all in one place. The fine tip of the marker pen is super fine which allows for getting in the tight spaces in some of the adult coloring books or when applying details to any project. It also allows me to be able to write neater. I am completely happy with my colored pen markers and would recommend them.

These markers are sold by Comix on Amazon.

I received this for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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