Pinkrise JYHA-01 Sketch Drawing Pen,Fineliner Pen,Fine Point Marker Pen,0.4mm

I am the kind of person who will grab a handful of markers and just start doodling. I may not be the best artistic person around, but I enjoy it. When I was offered a sample of the Fine Line Markers by Pinkrise I could wait to see how well they worked. When they arrived they were packaged in a clear plastic envelope type sleeve. Through the sleeve I was able to see all the colors that were in the package. The package contains the following shades of markers 4 greens, 4 pinks, 3 yellows, 3 blues, 2 reds, 2 oranges, 2 browns, 2 purples, 1 black and 1 gray. When I opened the package and took out a marker I noticed the flat edges that when all the way around the markers body. I like the flat edges because they fit against my fingers in a way that makes it comfortable to hold and draw with. The end caps and the bottoms of the markers are colored to represent the color of the actual marker. This makes real easy to grab the marker quickly. Also, the markers seem to stay in place better due to the flat edges on the markers.

• Easy to remove caps
• Cap and end of marker show marker color
• Flat edges around the markers body
• 24 vibrant colors
• Writes smooth
• Fine lines
• 0.4mm pen point
• Needs a hard case

Overall, the Pinkrise JYHA-01 Sketch Drawing Pen Fineliner and Fine Point Marker Pen writes and colors smoothly on all types of paper. The flat edges on the marker pens makes it so easy to hold on too. These edges also keep the maker pens from moving all around the table or rolling off when I am drawing, coloring or writing. They are also more comfortable to hold for a longer period of time too. I found one marker that was slightly dry. I just turned the marker pen upside down with the writing point pointing down. The next day I checked the marker pens and they were all fine even the one that was dry worked flawlessly. I love the wide variety of colors as well as the fine point. The fine point allows me to be able to put more detail into whatever I am doing. Who wouldn’t like that the packages comes with 24 different colored marker pens. I also like that the markers show the color on the cap and bottom of the marker. When I am drawing or coloring I like to be able to grab the color I want quickly. The ink dries quickly and I did not experience any smearing of the ink. I did notice that the ink shows through the other side of the paper, but it’s not a full bleed where the other side of the paper is damaged. I found the marker pens to worked well. Yes, there was a dry marker, but it was an easy fix. Also, I had no leaking after coloring for over 1 hour. I would recommend the Fine Line Markers by Pinkrise for all of those who like to draw, color, illustrate or just write with colorful marker pens.



These marker pens can be found on Amazon and sold by Comix.

I received this for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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