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Packing and Traveling Has Never Been So Easy With The Right Bag

   A quick trip or even a long weekend can mean grabbing just the right travel bag. When I am choosing the right bag I look for a bag that can hold what I need without being overstuff. If a bag is overstuff I cannot find what I need. Then I end up making a huge mess or pulling everything out over and over again. The other things I look for a sturdy bag made of canvas, a strong handle and heavy duty zipper. This is why I always look at the Estarer brand first. The Estarer brand has yet to disappoint me with any of their products.
   The Estarer duffel bag is sold in two sizes the 35 liter bag and a 52 liter bag.  The 35 liter bag is roughly about 17 ¾” x 13 ¾” x 8 and the 52 liter bag is roughly 21 ¼” x 16 ½ “x 9”.  I will be referring to the 52 liter duffel bag in this review. The bag is made of a sturdy high quality canvas. The handles, straps, on each side of the zipper and bottom edges of the bag are all made of real leather. There are a number of leather accents on the bag.
   The bottom is reinforced with canvas and has four metal feet to keep the bottom from lying flat on any surface. The canvas bottom protects the bag from dirt and debris while allowing for air circulation under the bag to keep it dry. These zippers are made of metal and are meant to last. There is one single adjustable strap. Therefore the strap can be adjusted quickly and it can be removed depending on your needs. The strap are made of a strong nylon material and has leather accents, metal hooks and metal slides for easy adjustments. While located on the top you will find two carrying handles that are made of a soft aged leather.
    First of all I should mention that the size of this bag is truly amazing. Then I noticed on the bag was the handy vertical zippered pocket located on the front of the bag. The pockets are the perfect size for my phone, wallet and it could hold a passport too. On the back of the bag is horizontal zippered pocket that is a great size for a book, smartphone or other items you want to be able to reach quickly. All of the zippers are metal with leather pulls.
   The interior of the bag is lined with a soft, but heavy brown cotton twill fabric. The seams are all straight and reinforced for stability. There are two plastic zippered compartments can hold medicines, chargers, socks, undergarments or anything that you want. You will find two nice sized sewn open pockets to hold a cell phone, deodorant, colognes, perfumes or other items you want to keep away from your clothing.
   Overall, I found the Estarer duffel bag to be extremely well-made. The quality is better than any bag I have seen at twice the cost. This bag has all of the design elements that makes it standout against any regular canvas bag. The design includes a lot of leather and metal which adds to its appeal. There are some metal buttons that are just for decorative purposes, but the other metal elements are all used for added strength as well as design. All of the stitching is straight and blends with the fabric.
   The bag I choose to review was the army green color. While it is not a true military bag the color is that desired army green color. The inside fabric and nylon strap are a chocolate brown. The duffel bag has a strong vintage appeal to me. The inside of the bag can hold 2 pairs of jeans, 4 t-shirts, 1 sweatshirt, a pair of PJs, 1 pair of shorts, swimsuit, beach towel and undergarments with room to spare. If packed properly this bag could hold a weeks’ worth of clothing for most men or women.
   This duffel bag would be great for any weekend get away, but it could be used for a week-long vacation. Valentines is right around the corner this would make a great surprise for the person in your life. Pack it with a weekends worth of clothes and plan a surprise get away. Maybe your family is planning an Easter vacation this would be a great bag for all of your family members. Easy to carry and just the right size for all of your needs. I would not hesitate to purchase this bag as a gift or another one for myself.
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