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Ozeri WeightMaster II with a Large LED Screen


Anyone with Kidney, Heart and High blood pressure really needs to monitor their weight. Any increase in weight can signal a pending health crisis. The issue with most bathroom scales is they are hard to read for the elderly or vision impaired. One company has taken into consideration when making their Ozeri WeightMaster II scale.

I was impressed with the Ozeri WeightMaster II, it has a large lite LED screen that is easy to see. It is easy to watch the color changes to see if the user has gained or lost weight. The red light reading means weight gain and the green shows weight loss. The scale stores up to 30 days of weight readings. Which is nice for the users so they do not  d have to write it down and risk losing the paper with their numbers. The scale makes getting the information easy from the scale before a doctor’s appointment if needed.

What is impressive is that the scale can read up to 8 different people and store the readings. The scale has a step on technology so nothing to turn on or off just step on and to see your weight. Then step off and the scale turns off atomically.

The surface of the Ozeri WeightMaster II scale has been treated with Microban to inhibit bacterial growth or odors  which keeps the surface clean and stop the spreading of things like foot fungus. The scale is easy to clean with a quick wipe of the surface if needed. The scale comes with batteries so it’s ready to use.

Overall, I am really happy with the Ozeri WeightMaster II scale. I have tested it to see if the weight readings are accurate by comparing 3 different users weight to the doctor’s scale. I also placed a weight on the scale and the reading was accurate. The colored lights and numbers are easy to read even for the elderly or visually impaired.


This scale is a thin scale so it can easily sit in a cabinet, under a bed or stood up next to the bathroom cabinet. I only tested the scale on a tile and wood floor, carpet may affect the readings. The scale sets flat against the floor without any wobbles. The step on technology works from the minute we stepped on the scale and it does turn off within a few seconds of stepping off. It stays on long enough to get a good visual reading.

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