Outtled Motion Sensing Closet Light DIY Stick-on Anywhere

There is nothing like stumbling in the dark to trip over a pair of shoe, a toy or even the dog in my case. Sometimes the light switch to light the room just has too many obstacles in its path. The Motion Sensing Closet Light by Outtled can be placed anywhere you need light to safely get around or to see in a dark space like a closet. This niffy little light bar is just what I need to light up those dark areas. The motion sensing light takes 4 AAA batteries which are not included. Place the batteries in the end of the light bar, right by the sticker that shows how to put the batteries in properly. The motion sensing light bar is ready to go.

The motion sensing light has an automatic sensor that will turn on when any type of movement is detected within 6.56 ft. When the sensor no longer detects any movement for more than 15 seconds the light turns off. It is easy to install with its adhesive tape that is located on a detachable magnetic strip. The magnetic strip allows you to take down the light to change the batteries with removing the adhesive tape. Just attach the tape on a smooth surface and light is ready to light up that area. Anyone can hang this little light bar up because no tools or drilling is required.

Overall, I was actually surprised how much light this little motion sensing light bar put out. It gives off 80 lumens while working on 6V. It can detect movement not only 6.56 feet away, but it also covers a 115 degree in diameter vision field. There are 10 LED bulbs that have a lifespan of 80,000 hours. The lights will work day and night, however if the room is really bright the light will not come on. I did find that the motion detector was quite sensitive and could pick up the slightest of movement. It is lightweight and portable. The light bar is made of metal and plastics. The motion sensing light bar is environmentally friendly even more so if using rechargeable batteries. This compact motion sensing light bar can be used anyplace or anywhere. It would be great for camping, sleepovers, closets, doorways or even in an emergency. The only thing I would change about this motion sensing light would be the adhesive tape. I would prefer the tape not be one the bar ahead of time that way I could stick the magnetic bar to any metal surface and add the tape at another time if I wanted too. The tape suggestion is just that a suggestion. I am completely happy with how the motion sensing light bar functions. I would recommend the motion sensing light by Outtled.

The Outtled Motion Sensing Light Bar can be found on Amazon at this link:

I received this as a complementary sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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