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All Organic Natural Products Giveaway

As time goes on we find out more and more products causing harm to our environment and health. Chemicals are polluting the ground and our fresh water resources scientist say.  Though,  cost of these chemicals are cheaper in most cases. Which is why more people use them even though they dangerous to our well being.   Due to these findings it is important to look for alternatives products without chemicals. All organic natural products are readily available and contain no chemicals.

One company who is offering  a line of all organic natural products is Greenerways.  All of their products are USDA certified organic. Another great feature is that these products contain only the highest of quality of all natural ingredients. Even the essential oils used are the purest of oils. These products are all hypoallergenic and biodegradable. All of their products are made in the USA and never tested on animals.

While each of the organic products are held to the strictest of standards. Each product has a special formula that has shown to work as its should. You can feel confident that all of these products are safe. Another, great feature is these products are safe around children and pets. These products will fight again germs, bugs, fungus and deter rodents, other wild animals from entering home or yard.

Each of the products are made either to be safe to use on your household surfaces, plants, scrubs, trees or even vegetables and fruits. Customers will find that these products are available in convenient sizes.  Bug sprays, yard and garden, yard, all purpose, hand and surface, mosquito sprays are just a few of the products that are available.

Another great thing about organic products is the lack of chemicals smells. However, if you are sensitive to strong odors these products are strong smelling.  Though, the smell of natural oils is so much nicer than the strong chemicals. Some of the oils you might smell are lemon grass, orange, lemon, clove rosemary, cinnamon and tree oils.

While our families have been testing some of these products throughout the summer months, we have seen results. Mosquitoes seem to stay way with regular applications of the mosquito spray. Then the garden and yard spray has kept the bugs from our vegetables. The all purpose spray leaves the surfaces clean, smelling great and streak free.

Though, most yard sprays require mixing and spraying this yard spray comes ready to use. The yard spray is easy to use by hooking up to the garden hose. Then turn on the water and go. The hand and surface cleaner is great for carrying in the handbag or diaper bag. It  leaves our hands smelling great.  Spraying the bug spray around the doorways  keeps the ants and spiders outside.


While not all organic natural products work for everyone. Why, because most people will not use them long enough to see the benefits. We have been taught that chemicals are the only way to keep the bugs, germs and fungus’s away.  It can be hard for some people to change, but these organic natural products are better for our environment and chemical sensitive individuals.


We are so happy with our products we want to share these products with our followers.  We will have one grand prize winner who will receive a prize pack containing some of the most popular all organic natural products in this line.

Disclaimer: The prize pack will not contain the same number of products in the listing found below.


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