Tossing in a Organic Bath Bomb into a hot bath is the best way to relax after a stressful day. With the holidays approaching so will your stress levels, reduce your stress by adding a scented bath bomb. By taking a few minutes to yourself you can recharge and tackle anything that comes your way.

Organic bath bombs can make a normal bath feel like a spa treatment. These 5 ounce bath bombs are scented with the organic Essential oils. Also natural dyes are also safer for your body and each bath bomb uses only the most natural dyes. Soaking in the bathtub with the light scents raising up around you is calming. Then the colorful water has that special spa effect.

What is a Organic bath bomb it is a fizzy ball of only the finest of ingredients. It will soften and nourish you skin. Also, these bath bombs are handmade with a custom recipe to change your whole bathing experience. Just drop a bath bomb into a tub of full of water and watch the magic happen. Another great thing about the organic dyes is they will not stain your tub. Just rinse and give it a quick wipe down.

This set of 12 Organic bath bomb gift set is just the right gift to buy for yourself or as a gift for someone else. The moisturizing butters and oils will help even the driest of skin. The fragrances as well as flower petals scents are not over powering. Also, who knew the glitter and colors floating around in a bathtub full of water would be so delightful.

What does it offer:

~Our bombs give the longest fizzy foamy show, they smell great, feel great and they’re a perfect accessory to a lazy or busy day / night
~You get to choose your scent, our list of choices grows fast and changes with the season, and our customers favorites
~Each sweet little treat in this box comes individually wrapped… they’re a gift together or alone
~We guarantee your bubbly happiness and quick delivery that is insured and sent with priority
~They won’t stain your tub… thank goodness
~What you get is more than you pay for… we use the highest quality organic, sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients

Putting it to use:

Stress is part of all of our lives and anyway we can find to reduce the stress is important. Talking a long hot bath can actually stripe our skin of its natural oils so adding an Organic Bath Bomb to our bath stops that issue. I have a whirlpool bathtub and I do not use my jets when using a bath bomb. But I find that using the bath bombs are more relaxing than the whirlpool for a longer soak. Also, I notice that when I use these bath bombs my skin feels like I have used a good lotion all over. No more dry skin.

Also, knowing that ingredients like beet root and kelp powder are used instead of harsh dyes makes me feel good about using these organic bath bombs.  I have not noticed any discoloration from the dyes on my skin or tub. The essential oils give off a light scent so even with my asthma is does not bother me. Another thing I like is there is a variety of scents they are not all the same like some bath bomb sets. I would recommend these Organic Bath Bombs. Make sure you get some extra for Christmas gifts!


Sodium bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Carbonate, Polyethylene Glycol, Fragrance, Natural Color

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