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Organic All Purpose Cleaners

Protecting our families against chemicals has become a propriety. We have never understood how a product can say its safe to use in the kitchen, but not around food. While others say to rinse after using this product and placing food on the same surface. This is why using organic all purpose cleaners like Greenerways brand products.

When it comes to cleaning we agree we need a product that can get the job done. It needs to not only clean, but it needs to disinfect the surfaces too. While not all organic all purpose cleaners are the same you can rest easy knowing this one works. This cleaner has a milky white color to the solution. It cleans and dries fast.

This is a true Organic all purpose cleaner it can be used on counter tops, leather, toys, glass, mirrors and so much more. Another great thing is when the cleaner dries its streak free. Then everything you clean smells so fresh and sparkling clean. Which is nice to have a fresh scent instead of chemicals. Also, no need to rinse any surfaces.

The organic all purpose cleaners are sold in 2 pack 16 ounce bottles and 1 bottom at 16 ounces. This cleaner uses the following active ingredients are: Water, Sucrose Cocoate, and the following six essential oils: Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Orange, Rosemary, and Cinnamon Bark. Sucrose Cocoate is a natural chemical from coconuts.

Greenerways also has a 2-1 organic all purpose cleaner. It also drys quickly and leaves the surface free of residue. Can you believe a 2-1 cleaner is safe enough that it you can use it on your hands. While some hand sanitizers leave your hands smelling like chemicals and drying out. The 2-1 cleaner has a orange scent and do not dry your skin. Another great thing about this 2-1 cleaner is it kills up to 99.9 % of germs and bacteria.

Also, this 2-1 organic  all purpose cleaner comes in a convenient size which allows you to take it on the go. No more worry about the kids in a public restroom.  While you spray the surfaces you can rest easy knowing the germs and bacteria will disapear. Also, use this spray on grocery carts, highchairs and other surfaces you little on might be touching or chewing on.

As parents we all want to ensure that our families and pets are safe. The Greenerways organic products give us peace of mind by keeping those nasty chemicals away.  Each of these products come in the sizes that are useful. We have found all of these products to work for our families and would recommend them for yours.



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