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Certified Organic all natural products are becoming more and more popular everyday. Protecting our environment and overall health has become a priority for more and more households. But how do we know what products to buy and do we need to go all organic?

The first thing a buyer wants to is to make sure the product is certified as an organic all natural products. One company who meets this criteria is the GREENERWAYS ORGANIC  company. You will find that all of their products are USDA certified organic all natural products. Another great feature is that their products only contain the highest of quality of all natural ingredients. While not all essential oils are the same you can be assure they use only the purest of oils. All of their  products are all hypoallergenic and biodegradable.  Greenerways products are manufactured in the USA and never tested on animals.

While all  organic products are not the same the Greenerways brand holds their products to the strictest of standards. Using these products around you family you can feel confident that these products are safe for humans and pets. Each of their products use special formulas that have underwent rigorous testing. All of the products here will fight against  germs, bugs, fungus and deter rodents, other wild animals from entering home or yard.

“While our families have been testing some of these products throughout the summer months, we have seen results. Mosquitoes seem to stay way with regular applications of the mosquito spray. Then the garden and yard spray has kept the bugs from our vegetables.” The number of bugs in our yards has become lower.

The mosquito spray has a lemongrass citronella scent that smells nice so you do not have that chemical smell that comes from bug spray. However, always test a new product in a small area to make sure you are not sensitive to the ingredients. While this is safe for all family members check with your doctor before apply to any child under 2 years old. When using the mosquito spray we found it to work great against the summer invasion of mosquito.

When applying the yard and garden sprays it can be safely sprayed on to the plants, scrubs, trees, vegetables and fruit trees. It is safe to be spray on the yard to fit again bugs and fungus too. The oils used in these products also deter animal and rodent infestation. Some of the essential oils you will recognize by scent  lemon grass, orange, lemon, clove, rosemary, cinnamon and tree oils just to name a few. Though, keep in mind these scents can be strong to those who are sensitive to scents make sure to use as directed.

While most chemical yard sprays require mixing and this yard spray comes ready to use. By just hooking up to the garden hose to the yard and garden spray you are ready. Then turn on the water and go. Another great tip is by  spraying the bug spray around the doorways  keeps the ants and spiders outside.


All of these products are sold in a variety of sizes to fit your family and personal needs.



While not all organic natural products work the same for everyone. Why, because most people will give up before they see the benefits.  Natural products may take a little longer to get the results you are looking for, but you are protecting your family and pets.  Over the years we have been taught that chemicals are the only way to keep the bugs, germs and fungus’s away. We are seeing this is no longer true.  While it can be hard for some people to change. But if you are looking to make the change these organic natural products are better for our environment and chemical sensitive individuals.

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