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One Gallon Food Grade Round Plastic Buckets

In my family we are always looking for ways to store extra food that I buy in bulk. We also pick blueberries and raspberries ever year. Having just the right containers to carry, store and to give away in can be hard to find. The one gallon food grade round plastic buckets with handle sold at

The gallon food grade round plastic buckets are BPA free.  The handles are comfortable to carry even when the bucket is full of berries or other products. The handle tucks close to the bucket which makes it easy for storing or placing several close to one another. The buckets are recyclable and disposable. These 1 gallon buckets are color free so there is no need to worry about leaching color or off tastes into your food. The buckets are white or translucent so easy to see if you are picking berries in a berry patch.

These one gallon food grade round plastic buckets are made from HDPE polyethylene. The process in forming these buckets is the HDPE goes through an injection mold which makes them BPA free product. The customer can expect after ordering the buckets to see a quick delivery.   When ordering these buckets you will receive a shipment of 12o buckets and will come in 12 cases per pallet. The buckets are round and lids are sold separately. The dimensions are 8.5 inches in diameter x 5.06 inches in height.

These sturdy one gallon (4 quart) BPA free round plastic buckets with its wire handle are great for multiple uses around any home, business or farm. When looking for the right product you can trust that these buckets will fit your needs. The plastic pails are manufactured by Berry Global which is a top USA manufacturer within the plastic industry.

The one gallon food grade round plastic buckets with handles are great for picking produce and fruits like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. They would be great for gathering up pecans and nut off your nut bearing trees. I wish I had these buckets when my kids were younger.  These one gallon food safe round buckets would have been great for snacks like popcorn. Though, these round buckets are not just good for food they can hold just about anything. These buckets would be great for crayons, markers, paint, sewing notions, coins and any other small household item you may want to pack away, but be able to grab quickly. The uses for these one gallon food safe round buckets is endless.



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