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Non-Stick Stainless Steel Fry Pan


Having the right non-stick stainless steel fry pan is important for every cook. A non-stick pan is a must for most cooks regardless if you are a seasoned cook or just a beginner. The pan has to be of a good quality stainless steel to hold the heat too. The ZP4-20 non-stick pan by Ozeri is just the type of pan that every cook needs.

The eight inch non-stick stainless steel fry pan is just the right size for frying eggs, omelets or anything that needs a smaller pan. The pan is made of 18/8 stainless steel and holds it heat well. Also, the pans handle is heat-resistant. The handle has 3 rivets so no worries about the handle becoming lose over time. This pan can also be used on a induction stove due it its magnetic base.

The interior of this non-stick stainless steel fry pan has triply construction coating. It features ETERNA which is a long lasting coating that is 100% PFOA and APEO free. Also, the interior coating is scratch-resistant without all of those harmful chemical other pans have. It is easy to clean too.

The bronze interior is smooth and allows the food to move freely without sticking. This pan also comes in a 12 inch size pan with bronze or black interior. There is also a black interior 8 inch pan too. Also, this non-stick stainless steel fry pan will allow the user to saute, fry, bake, boil and braise. Another, nice thing about this pan is the coating allows the cook to use less oil when cooking while keeping the food from sticking.

Overall, I have found this pan to preform as it states. The coating has a pretty bronze color and surprisingly is one of the best non-stick pan I have used. The pan has a nice feel and has just enough heft to let the user know its a high quality pan. A pan does not have to be heavy like cast iron, but needs to have a thicker base and side to retain heat.

The handle on this non-stick stainless steel fry pan is easy to hold. It is thick while not being bulky or to wide for smaller hands. When cooking even in the oven the handle is only warm to touch. But I still always use a pot holder when using any pan in the oven.

Also, I found I did not have to cook on the hottest heat to cook my food to perfection. I also, like that I can cook something and finish it off in the oven without moving it to another pan. I cook on a gas stove top and have a electric oven. The pan has held up to both gas and electric cooking. I am completely happy with this pan and would recommend it to anyone who wants to make cooking easier.


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