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Nintendo 3DS XL / 3DS Carry Case for Home or On the Go

So many of us are on the go all the time, which means if you have kids you need to keep them entertained while you are away from home. Most kids want to take a long their handheld gaming systems, but these games require a lot of little game cartridges. Losing game cartridges or gaming pieces can become expensive over time. Having a proper carrying case can eliminate these loses and keep everything together in one place.

The Estarer case for 3DS XL is just the case you will need for your family’s active lifestyle. The case can fit most of the DS models. There are 16 slots for the game cartridges. The case has a nice zippered pouch that can hold even more games if needed. On the opposite side of the case you will find a mess pocket that can be used to carry cords, games, notebook or anything small you might want to take along. The outer side of the case has a cloth like appearance. The case has a protective shelled exterior, though it is not a full hard shell. The case has a carrying strap that is easy to connect and remove as needed.

Overall the Nintendo carrying case by Estarer is well made and will help to protect your child’s DS and game cartridges. The case is compact enough to be added to a duffle bag or messenger bag too if you want to keep all of your electronics together. The case will protect your DS from dust, dirt and other debris. The case measures about 7” x 5” and is slightly under 1 ¾ inches deep. The outer shell can be cleaned with a damp cloth as needed. The zippered shell fully opens so it is easy to fit your components inside and to see what you have. With most families on the go it is more important now to keep our kids occupied especially on long road trips. Though, this case is not just for traveling it is a great way to keep your kids organized with their handheld gaming systems at home. No more searching the house for a game cartridge or misplacing the cords or other components. With Valentines and Easter coming up these would be a great gift for any family member and will last longer than candy.

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