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New MegaWheels Hover board Giveaway


We love our followers so much we have a NEW HOVER BOARD GIVEAWAY just to say thank you for following.  MegaWheels is also proud to sponsor a second giveaway to say to our followers thank you, for being so special. Keep following there is a lot more to come!

Adults. teens and even young children are riding hover boards. Why are these electric hover boards so popular because they offer the whole family hours of fun.  Megawheels hover board offer fun with all the little extras that most hover boards lack. Who knew whizzing around on these stylish boards could be so much fun!

All of the Megawheels hover boards are available in a variety of color choices. Also, you will find lunar Led lights decorating the boards to give that extra pop. Then listen to the Bluetooth speaker that you can control as you move around. This is a fully decked out hover skate board that will delight all users at any age. Another nice thing about this brand is the little details like the anti skid surface, wheel covers and decorative wheel caps.

Also, with 6.5 inch anti-skid tires you will be able to safely ride on any flat surface. This hover board is built to hold up to 220lbs which means most adults can use this board.  The dual brush-less 250 watt motor that will allow you to reach speeds of up to 7.5 mph. Also, the charging time is only 2 to 3 hours which is rather quick. There is a built in protector so you do not have to worry about overcharging the battery.

Also, this hover board is easy to operate and takes most users only about 5 minutes to learn. This self-balancing board with give you hours and hours of enjoyment. Another great thing about this hover board is it is safe to use indoors or out. Also, know that this electric skate board complies with all safety guidelines. Its electrical system has received the UL 2272 certification.

Overall, this hover board is quite impressive. The colors available are blue, red, black, silver, carbon, gold, balloons, pink, white and a star. Depending on the weight of the users this hover board can go up to 10 miles on one charge. Also, not only does it glide across most flat surfaces it can turn in a 360 degree rotation.

I found the charging time was with in the 2-3 hours. I did charge it longer to make sure there would be no issues and I found none. The Led lights are fun and make the board have a cool look. The built in Bluetooth speakers easily made the connection with my smartphone. The speakers were surprisingly loud enough to enjoy while buzzing around.

The tires are 6.5 inches and have that hard vacuum texture that provides the user with a smooth ride. This hover board can ride across hard wood, tile, cement, hard packed gravel, pavement and similar surfaces. I can see this hover board bringing a lot of fun year round indoors and out. I would recommend the MegaWheels hover boards.

The best part is and   and MegaWheels are teaming up to give you an amazing giveaway. There will be 5 winners and MegaWheels will provide you with a 99% off code. Winners can choose any color that the seller has in stock, but the seller reserves the right to choose the color. Also, Entrants must live within the United States. Once a winner is drawn, said person will have 48 hours to reply to contact email. If there is no reply, there will be another winner drawn at that time.



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New MegaWheels Hover Board Giveaway!

Starts 10/11 and Ends 10/31

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