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Multi-functional Personal Blender

Staying healthy and living longer is what we all strive for. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables in large enough quantities to meet our daily requirements can be difficult with our busy lifestyles. This why the Multi-functional Personal Blender by Riiai is a must have product in every home. Why this brand over the name brands we hear about everyday? Simply because this 500 watt powerhouse will out preform all those other products at a fraction of the cost.

When comparing this Multi-functional Personal Blender you will see it has 6 leaf blades instead of 4 like other products. This allows the blender to pulverize even the hardiest of fruits and vegetables. How many times have thought you have blended all of your favorite blend of fruits and vegetables only to start pouring and see big chunks still there. This blender gets the job done the first time. Comparing the sound of the blending to other blenders this ones appears to be quieter, but do not think its sound free.

Another great feature with this Multi-functional Personal Blender is most of the parts are dishwasher safe. That means no worries about leaving the blade in the sink for someone to get cut on. Each of the jars and the lids are also safe to wash in the dishwasher so no need for bottle brushes either. Also, once you have washed all your parts you can put everything back together ready always having it ready to go.

Fine pureed baby food can be made in this blender too. The jars use materials that are food grade and free of BPA. Just toss in some leftover food and puree your baby healthy fresh preservative free food. Depending on the portion size you can freeze the baby food in ice cube trays and pull out what you want. Or serve it fresh from the minute you puree the food.


Overall, this Multi-functional Personal Blender is a powerhouse. Its 500 watt motor handles frozen fruit, ice and vegetables with ease. With just a single press of a button you are blending away. Serve you smoothies in the serving jar or poor into to a glass and keep making more. The 6 leaf blades pulverized anything I tossed into the jar. Most of the smoothies I made took around 3 minutes total from start to finish.

With a grand-baby around I like to feed her what we are eating, but sometimes that is just not possible. But with this Multi-functional Personal Blender I can add just about anything we are eating and get it to the texture and consistency that I need.  You can make the smoothest purees or you can make chunkier versions by stopping the blades sooner. Meat is one of the hardest to grind into a perfect consistency but with this blender it was not a problem. Add the meat and some gravy or broth and pulse.

Another thing that I found to be quiet useful was that by using this Multi-functional Personal Blender some of my vegetables and fruits did not turn colors. Even avocados pureed with other vegetables and fruit does not turn that brownish color that makes it unappetizing.   This blender removes the air that causes things like discoloration and separation. The vacuum sealing keeps the foods at the peak freshness.

I am more than impressed with this little powerhouse blender. Easy to use and clean which makes this Multi-functional Personal Blender my new favorite kitchen appliance. I would recommend this blender.


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