Mildew Antibacterial Resistant Shower Curtain

Families today are faced with more molds in their homes. Our bathrooms are one of our problem areas in our homes. Mold grows on all the surfaces, but especially on our shower curtains. This why its important to have Mildew Antibacterial Resistant Shower Curtain in our homes.

The Moonen shower curtain is made of heavy duty materials that are made to withstand daily use. Also, since this shower curtain is clear it lets more light into the shower which is a good safety feature too. The materials used in this curtain makes it soft to the touch and it does not wrinkle like other curtains. There is a slight smell when you first hang up the curtain, but its gone in just a few hours.

A shower curtain that is resistant to mildew and repels water will dry faster which will prevent mold build up. Also, you can be assured that the antibacterial properties will keep the germs away. The shower curtain is waterproof keeping the water inside the shower where it belongs. Another, thing that is important is keeping the curtain clean and this material is easy to wipe clean.

Along the top of this shower curtain there is a nylon mesh header with metal grommets. Also, the grommets are stainless steel and combined with the nylon header give the curtain extra durability. No need to worry about the curtain tearing like other curtains. As a bonus a set of 12 hooks are included.

Overall, I found this shower curtain to be really nice. At first I was worried about the clear curtain providing no privacy. But I actually like the extra light coming into the shower stall. The light really makes a huge difference. Also, the curtain is flexible which allows me to insure that no water leaks out. There were are very few wrinkles right out of the package and they are gone after a few showers.

The nylon mesh header is a big plus it make the shower curtain hang better and resist ripping. I have bought other curtains and after a short time the hooks have started to rip the curtain. This curtain will not have this issue at all. Also, the curtain allows me to hang it up higher if I want and its wide enough to wrap inside the stall.  I like how thick this shower curtain is and its soft too.

Moonen Shower Curtain

  •  Mildew Resistant
  •  Anti-Bacterial
  •  Non-Toxic
  • Eco-Friendly PEVA materials
  •  No Chemical Odors
  • Rust Proof Grommet
  • 12 Free Rustproof Hooks with package
  • Guarantee To Keep You Safe



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