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A Messenger Bag with a Vintage Appeal


I am on the go all the time which means I take a lot of my electronic devices with me. Which allows me to be able to work whenever I have spare time. Though, husband isn’t crazy about him driving and me working away, but wherever I can find time I do. 


Because I  carry such heavy load everywhere we go I do go through a lot of totes and messenger bags. The problem is the quality of most of these bags are not great. I found the Estarer brand carries the type of products I prefer. I own other product from this brand that I really liked.  Which was another reason why I wanted a bag for my husband too. No more trying to squeeze his stuff into my bag when we are traveling. I found the bag I thought would fit all of his needs which was the Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag 15.6 Inch Vintage Canvas Shoulder Bag.


The first thing that caught my eye when I saw the bag was the high quality of the materials. I could see right away I had made the right choice. This messenger bag had everything a person would need to take along as a work bag or for traveling. The bag is just the right size that it looks like a bag and not a purse. The bag measures about 18 ½ inches wide and 14 ½ inches deep.


The front flap of the bag closes with two wide pieces of Velcro. On the flap each of the two compartments have zippers. The first compartment has a 5 ½ inch zippered opening and the pocket is about 6 inches deep. The second compartment on the outer flap has a 12 inch opening and is about 9 inches deep. When the flap is open there is another pocket with a zipper that has a 13 inch opening.


Sewn inside of the back of the pocket is 6 card holders and 2 pencil slots. When I looked inside the main compartment I was surprised at how much room there was. There were two divided pockets one side had two sewn in pockets large enough for a wallet or small note pad. The second pocket closes with an elastic band that Velcro’s shut. On the backside of the bag there is one more pocket with a 10 inch opening and is 6 ½ inches deep. On both sides of the bag are two pockets that can hold a water bottle or even a pop. There are more than enough compartments to hold everything someone would need to be mobile or travel.


The bag is made of a vintage dark blue canvas fabric. The bag had an adjustable strap that is comfortable to wear over my shoulder and  I can wear it across my body. The nylon material has a texture which gives the straps strength. It connects to the back with metal hoops for a sturdy connection and will hold up to the weight of the bags contents.


There are a few decorative elements on the bag. These include strips of leather on the top sides of the bag on the upper handle. Then there are the leather pulls on all of the zippers. On the inside of one of the pockets and the brand logo on the front of the bag. On the inside of one of the pockets is a small metal hoop that you can connect a set of keys, headphones or really anything small you want to be able to grab or find quick. There is also a grommet on the front of that same compartment so you can put your headphones through it for easy wearing.


Therefore in conclusion , the unisex messenger bag meet all of my expectations. The bag construction is very sturdy. With all of the compartments the bag will stay organized. This will make it easy for me or my husband to be mobile. The bag is not a flashy bag so my husband does not feel like it looks like a women’s bag. Which has always been complaint of his with other similar bags.


The deep vintage color reminds me of a pair of vintage dark jeans. The canvas is flaw less as is the stitching all over the bag. The zipper are all metal and have nice teeth not those little tiny ones that don’t hold up to use. I like that I can put the weight of the bag across my shoulder or across my body. My husband likes to use the handle.


The bag is made of canvas this should make the bag easy to keep clean. The canvas will also allow it to wear really well. The only thing again I would like to see is some leather button feet on the bottom of the bag. Button feet would allow it to stand up better. The bag will stand up some when it is full, but when empty it does not. I am completely happy with the vintage messenger bag. As a result of my findings, I  would recommend to anyone who works mobile or travels it really has room for everything.


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