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Men’s Soft Sports Boxer Briefs by Dimore

With all of the choices today for boxer briefs it can be a daunting task to find just the right pair. It can also be difficult to find a good pair of well-made boxer briefs that are sold in a pack of more than 3. The quality also is important sense they need to hold up to daily wear and washing. I was recently offered to test the Dimore Men’s Cotton Classic Boxer Brief Comfort Soft Waistband 5-pack which I was happy to do.

I found the fabric to have a good stretch, but not too much that would cause the boxers to lose their shape. The fabric is also soft to the touch which again is a good sign that they will be comfortable to wear. There is a mock fly front on the boxer briefs. The elastic band has a good amount of stretch and is wide enough for comfort. It also is wide enough it does not roll or pinch. The legs holes are average size not too small and not to large, though the legs are shorter than normal boxers. The seam at the bottom of the leg holes is doubled stitched and the inside has been finished off with a finishing seam.

After washing the boxer briefs I noticed no shrinkage or color fading. I used a normal wash setting and tumbled dry on medium heat. The boxer briefs also held their shape after washing and drying. The fabric stayed soft. I looked at all of the stitching again and noticed no lose treads or imperfections in the boxer briefs.

As I stated above the legs are shorter than normal. These are a sport style boxer brief that gives the wearer free movement without constriction. Though, this is not to say that you have to be athlete to wear these boxer briefs you might like the shorter legs. The shorter leg of the boxer briefs would eliminate the bunching that can occur for some men when wearing regular boxers. I found the quality to be just as good if not better than other name brand boxer briefs. The functionality of these boxers’ briefs is great. The price is right for a high quality 5 pack of boxer’s briefs too. I would recommend the Dimore Men’s Cotton Classic Boxer Brief Comfort Soft Waistband 5-pack.

The Dimore Men’s Cotton Classic Boxer Brief Comfort Soft Waistband 5-pack can be purchased on Amazon at:

I received this as a complementary sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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